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Fidlock TWIST 590 Review

In this article, we review the Fidlock TWIST 590 Bottle and bike base. What makes the Fidlock bottle stand out from other mountain bike bottles and where do I have one on every bike I own?

What is a Fidlock Bottle?

There are a few different bottles available from Fidlock. In this review, we are specifically looking at the Fidlock TWIST 590 + bike base. Fidlock bottles feature a special mounting system consisting of magnets and a twist locking mechanism that pairs with their bike base which mounts directly to the bottle mount points on most bike frames.

The bike base is very minimal, essentially just a piece of plastic with some magnets and a centre pivot point for the bottle to mount onto. Built into the bottle itself is the female part of the mount connector which has a central hole for the centre pivot point to slot into then you can either push the bottle onto the magnets or twist it on when space is limited on your frame.

Removing the bottle is as easy as just twisting the bottle 45 degrees in one direction. You must twist the bottle to remove it and can not just pull it off. This makes the bottle incredibly secure. I have been using a Fidlock for around 2 years now and I’ve never lost a bottle.

Also, thanks to the magnets mounting the bottle is easy even when riding. Just push it onto the base and the magnets will snap into place.

FIDLOCK TWIST 590 Bottle-5
FIDLOCK TWIST 590 Bottle-6

Fidlock TWIST 590 + Bike Base Spec

  • 590 ml volume
  • New leak-proof, self-sealing bottle cap with a high water flow valve and optional dirt cover
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • BPA-free polyethene
  • Fits all TWIST bases
FIDLOCK TWIST 590 Bottle-7

Fidlock TWIST 590 + Bike Base Review

As I said earlier in the article, I have been using Fidlock bottles for around 2 years now and have never lost a bottle. The TWIST 590 is no exception using the same snap connect and twist release system from their previous bottles. The 590 in the name refers to the amount of liquid in ml the bottle can carry. Fidlock offers other sizes such as the compact 450 and then slightly larger 600. I like the 590 because it fits more of those awkward bike frame sizes and allows the extra room for a dirt cover.

Dirt Cover

One thing that has always annoyed me with mountain bike water bottles is that they get covered in mud, so I was really pleased when Fidlock brought out the TWIST 590 which features an option dirt cover. This really helps keep the mud out because let’s face it your bottle is going to get dirty no matter if it’s wet or dry conditions.


Fitting the Fidlock bike base to your frame is very easy. It mounts directly to your bike frame using the existing water bottle mount holes. The cageless system also looks much nicer than a traditional bottle mount in my personal opinion.


The Fidlock system is so easy to use. The magnets do all the hard work and the clasp on the bottle keeps the bottle very secure yet still very easy to release with a quick twist. It’s so easy to use you can connect and release your bottle on the go without having to get off your bike.

How Secure is it though?

Very secure. Over the last couple of years, I have put the Fidlock bottles through a torture test including hardcore trails, long days in all sort of weather and oh so many crashes. The bottle has never come loose and all my bottle are still going strong. I now have around 6 and all my bikes have a Fidlock bike base attached.

Are there any negatives?

So I have listed a ton of positives about the Fidlock TWIST 590 and it truly is an excellent product but there is one thing that does annoy me about the product TWIST 590 specifically. That is although it is dishwasher-safe it doesn’t feature a metal band around the bottle as the previous version of the Fidlock did. This means that when the bottle comes out of the dishwasher the female portion of the mount that is part of the bottle comes away from the bottle slightly. I assume this is because the dishwasher gets hot and the bottle plastic expands or contracts whereas the mount doesn’t. I have two TWIST 590’s and it does it on both yet the older 600 bottles that have a metal band don’t have this issue. I’ve also noticed that without this band the bottle wobbles more over rough terrain whereas the previous models were quite sturdy.

Does this actually have a negative impact? Well yes and no. The bottle is still secure but it does move around more and makes a bit of a rattling noise. I also imagine eventually the bottle and mount may become separated but this has not happened so far.


The Fidlock TWIST 590 + bike base is an excellent product that is my first choice for a water bottle on all my bikes. The twist release and snap connect mounting system is very secure and very easy to use. The TWIST 590 also features a dirt cap to keep the grime out of the leak-proof self-sealing bottle cap.

The only downside is that the bottle slightly deforms when washed in a dishwasher and it’s a little more wobbly over rough terrain than other Fidlock bottles that feature a metal band around the bottle.

Despite the one small negative, I would very much recommend this bottle to anyone that wants a secure, easy to use and durable water bottle on their bike. Priced at €39.99 it’s not the cheapest but that does include the bike base so in my opinion is very fairly priced.

What do you think of the Fidlock TWIST 590 bottle and bike base? Would you fit one on your bike? Let us know in the comments section below.

Visit Fidlock to learn more.

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4.5 / 5 Reviewer
  • Very Secure
  • Easy to Fit
  • Very easy to Use
  • Looks great
  • Last for years
  • Dust cap keeps the valve clean
  • Bottle does deform in the dishwasher over time
  • Bottle wobbles more on the frame compared to other Fidlock bottles that feature a metal band
The Fidlock TWIST 590 + bike base is an excellent product that is my first choice for a water bottle on all my bikes. The twist release and snap connect mounting system is very secure and very easy to use. The TWIST 590 also features a dirt cap to keep the grime out of the leak-proof self-sealing bottle cap.
Will Brett-Atkin

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  • Zael says:

    Hi, have you noticed your Fidlock TWIST 590 bottle leaking it’s contents (with the dirt guard closed)? I think mine does (just a little bit), and it’s essentially brand new – bought it just over a month ago. I suspect it’s the female mount on the bottle, but am not sure. (Also noticed that it sort of comes off a bit – though I haven’t washed mine in the dishwasher.)

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