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The 76 Projects Enduro Mount

The 76 Projects Enduro Mount enables you to attach your Garmin or similar GPS device directly to your bike frame. This frees up your handle bars from bulky mounts. It is made from 3D printed nylon and comes in two fitment types. Flat for flat top tubes or flexible for curved top tubes.

76 Projects is a bicycle components manufacturer based in the United Kingdom. Their aim is to produce products with unique features and advantages that solve issues that the mass market products do not address. The company was founded by two Industrial Designers, Paul and Rob.


The mount arrived in a neat little bag with an instruction manual and an alcohol wipe for proper installation. The mount itself is clearly 3D printed with the extrusion lines being quite prominent but don’t let this put you off as this has clearly been cleverly designed in CAD (Computer Aided Software). 3D printing is also kinder on the environment as it only uses material that is needed and drastically eliminates waste if designed correctly. Having worked as an Industrial Designer and specifically in 3D Printed Robotics I have a good eye for quality and this is it. Just don’t expect a gloss finish that you might get from injection moulded mounts.

I ordered the flexible mount as my top tube is curved. This is nicely designed as the base flexes to the exact curvature of the top tube when fixed in place using the 3M sticky pads included.

It is very easy to install and only takes a couple of seconds. Make sure you clean the frame before fixing to remove grease and dirt that may prevent the mount from adhering properly.

Fitting the Enduro Mount

I mounted mine directly on top of my Dyedbro frame protection. I wasn’t sure if this would work but assumed it was worth testing with more and more people opting to use frame protection on their frames.

I followed the instructions and let the mount adhere and cure overnight to give it the best chance of fixing correctly. The next day the mount was very secure and I had no worries about it being mounted to the frame protection.


I tested it by attaching and removing my Garmin over and over. The mount stayed perfectly fixed and only wiggled the tiniest amount which is to be expected with the 3M foam sticky pads.

Next step in my testing was to take it to the trails. The rougher the better so I choose a trail at my local that is notorious for braking bumps, roots and plenty of jumps and fast berms.

Riding the trail over and over purposefully riding over the roughest terrain proved no match for the Enduro Mount which remained perfectly fixed and performed much better than the official mount that comes from Garmin with the device.

I am so impressed with the product that I have decided to keep it on my personal bike permanently. It’s very likely that I will also be adding it to all my other and future bikes as well.


The device is incredibly easy to fit and adds a clean secure fit for your Garmin or similar GPS unit. The product is designed well and it’s minimal design aesthetic looks great on any bike and enables you to keep your cockpit clean.

Priced at a reasonable £12.50 + PP this is a cheap upgrade for anyone running a GPS on their bikes looking to clean up their cockpit.

What are your thoughts?

76 Projects manufacture all their products in the UK. Other products they make include on bike storage solutions such as their Piggy bike bag range.

What do you think of the 76 Projects Enduro Mount? Would you mount your Garmin or other GPS device directly to your bike frame?

Let us know in the comments below.

4 / 5 Reviewer
Easy to fit, Flexible base lets you mount to curved surfaces, Works well
Rough surface attracts dirt, Once mounted it can't be moved
Will Brett-Atkin

Will Brett-Atkin

Will (@willbrettbikes) is the founder and creator of One Track Mind Mag. He is an award-winning Digital Product Designer and has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. When not behind a computer screen Will likes to be out in nature riding natural trails with friends. He also likes to dabble in a bit of Enduro racing and has had some great results racing in the UK

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