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Sierra A New MTB Accessories Company

Sierra is a new MTB Accessories Company based in LA USA. Jeff from Sierra was kind enough to send through a selection of their initial product line to introduce us to the Sierra brand.

I asked Jeff a few questions which he was kind enough to answer:

How is the Sierra Brand different?

Quite simply, the current legacy bike tool and accessory brands are boring. Even typing that, I realize it might come across as harsh. I also realize that being “boring” might not seem like a big deal. In some ways, it is not a big deal. However, as a rider, a user of bike products, and someone who is engaged in the MTB world, it is very clear that there is a new generation of riders who want more from the brands they buy from. The existing bike tool companies are comfortable selling products from the sidelines without actually engaging with the MTB community. This engagement comes in many forms. The most palpable is simply the telling of meaningful stories. An example of meaningful storytelling is that done by Santa Cruz, Specialized, and Yeti Cycles. Do the legacy bike tool and accessory companies do that? Not so much.

How are Sierra’s products different?

We are under no illusions. We fully realize our existing products are not groundbreaking or revolutionary in any way. Our existing products were specifically chosen to give us the footing to stand on as we entered the MTB market. Our plan has been to start small and grow in a consistent and sustainable way. That is what we are doing. As our customer base grows, our ability to design and create more and better products grows.
All that said, our current products are great. Most notably, the enduro strap. Because enduro straps are such a rudimentary product, it is difficult to make meaningful improvements. However, we feel great about the improvements we were able to add.
The 1st improvement is the ability to carry a larger volume of tubes and tools with the strap. Instead of only being able to carry a tube and tire irons (standard with most of the straps on the market) our strap allows the rider to carry a tube, C02 canister, tire irons, and even a hand pump. This might not seem like a big deal, but being able to get heavy items out of your pack and onto your bike frame, or just being able to ditch your pack altogether makes a big difference in the riding experience. We are able to support a larger carrying capacity by using a significantly more robust shock cord. An added benefit to this is it keeps your tube and tools more secure.
The 2nd improvement is that our enduro strap grips to bikes much better than the competition. This prevents the strap from bouncing around, scratching up your bike, and from falling off the bike altogether. We were able to achieve this by using an automotive-grade, high friction rubber that covers the entire internal circumference of the strap. Not just a small portion of the strap.


An MTB multi-tool with all the tools you need for most trailside repairs all in this hand 12-in-1 pocket-sized tool.

“The Sierra 12 Multitool was born out of frustration with the limited market selection; other multitools available were either too big, too clunky, or just downright insufficient. As a company of mountain bikers, we set out to fix what was inherently a selfish problem – and we sacrificed nothing. Every tool you’ll need to keep you going out in the backcountry now fits in the palm of your hand.

While you can’t always prevent mechanical issues from happening, you can minimize the time they take away from doing the things you love. The crew at Sierra stands behind this product because we don’t want anything limiting your time on the trail.”

Click the link to check out the Sierra 12 Mountain Bike Multitool:


A mountain bike enduro strap to carry all your riding essentials from innertubes, pumps, snacks, tyre levers, and anything else you can strap to your bike so you don’t have to ride with a cumbersome backpack.

“The Sierra MTB tube strap (Enduro Strap) is for serious riders who are looking for a low profile way to carry essential items for trailside repairs and emergencies. Whether you are on an epic 30-mile backcountry ride, or on your local neighborhood trails, this bike tube carrier allows riders to ditch their hip/backpacks and still be prepared for inevitable repairs.”

Click the link to learn more about the Sierra Mountain Bike Enduro Strap:


A simple mudguard that can be cable tied directly to your mountain bike fork to keep all the mud, grime, rocks, and dust from getting your eyes and also protects your precious fork seals from debris.
“The rougher the terrain the better. Don’t worry about what your bike might kick up.

The Sierra bicycle mudguard is a stylish, simple, and effective solution for protecting an MTB rider from flying rocks, mud, water, and other debris. Unlike other mountain bike fenders, our product is extremely versatile and will work with the following tire sizes: 26″, 27.5″, 29″, and Plus Sized Tires.

This mudguard will also work on the rear tire of some (not all) mountain bikes. Includes 4 Heavy Duty Zip Ties (unlike our competitors). The Sierra Mudguard can be installed in less than 5 minutes. Easy-to-follow installation instructions are included on the packaging.
This durable bike fender is 12mm thick and provides the perfect mixture of rigidity and flexibility. Our modern and aesthetically appealing packaging makes this a great gift for the mountain biker in your life.
To see more about the Sierra Mountain Bike Mudguard:

How are you managing your Environmental Stewardship?

Here are a few of our environmental stewardship initiatives.
  1. Use of recycled cardboard for all packaging
  2. Carbon offsetting on every purchase made on our website when using “Shop Pay” to checkout
  3. Proud member and contributor to 1% For The Planet

How will you engage with your customers and community?

The main way we will engage with the community is through the telling of stories that the community will actually want to engage with. We will accomplish this by paying for photographers and writers to capture and then share these stories on our social channels. As a journalist in the industry, you know firsthand that commissioning this type of content is extremely expensive. Because of this, we will start small and scale up our growth over time.
Our community engagement will also come in the form of our support and involvement in MTB events. We have recently partnered with Sierra Buttes Trail Association which hosts one of the largest and most famous MTB events in North America, The Downieville Classic. They are more than just an event organization as their main goal is the preservation of existing trails and the creation of new trails. The trail system they have created is extremely important to the North American MTB community.

What’s Next for Sierra?

We have multiple product launches planned for 2021, 2022, and are already planning on as far out as 2023. Every product is created with the goal of helping riders spend more time on their bikes and be able to leave the trail on their terms.

What do you think of Sierra? What about their product lineup and company vision? Let us know in the comments below.

You can learn more at:

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