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Bosch eBike Systems introduces new features for Nyon and eBike Connect

Better fitness and even more riding enjoyment thanks to free updates

  • Set and track your own personal fitness goals with Nyon
  • Connect Apple Health and Google Fit with the eBike Connect app
  • Use Nyon to navigate to selected Points of Interest (POIs) in map view
  • Immediately see how much CO2 is saved compared to driving a car

The new updates for Nyon and eBike Connect lets eBikers track their personal fitness targets. In addition, eBikers can now also navigate their rides even easier as Nyon vividly displays planned waypoints on the move. “New features increase riding enjoyment long after buying an eBike. That’s exactly what we offer with our latest updates for the Bosch eBike System 2: new experiences for even more eBiking fun,” says Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems.

Optimum training support

The latest version of Nyon can be used as a personal trainer, allowing the rider to decide how many calories they wish to burn in a week. Progress of the training goals can be easily tracked with Nyon, and the values achieved are stored locally.

There’s also good news for Apple Health and Google Fit users: the eBike Connect app lets eBikers save fitness and trip data in the Apple Health and Google Fit health apps. This provides access to all relevant information at a glance – from trip duration, distance traveled, average and maximum speed to calories burned. This data can then be shared this with the eBiker’s wider community after the trip.

Bosch eBike Systems introduces new features for Nyon and eBike Connect

Navigation updates

Discover new, exciting places with ease: for those who want to discover new things in their surroundings, Nyon now offers Points of Interest (POI) on the map – such as restaurants, charging stations or other special destinations. eBikers can conveniently switch between the familiar list view or the new map view. The new display on the map also gives more clarity when planning the route. Tapping a point in map view will start navigation to it.

Better orientation on the road: if you don’t want to take the direct route to your destination, you can define up to eight ‘stopovers’ (via points) in the eBike Connect portal. Thanks to the update for Nyon, these stopovers are now also displayed during ongoing navigation. The new speed-dependent auto zoom feature helps eBikers to find their way more quickly and safely in hard-to navigate places. If they approach a location with multiple junctions and slow down, Nyon detects this and automatically zooms into the map.

Bosch eBike Systems introduces new features for Nyon and eBike Connect

Track your CO2 savings

The eBike is one of the most sustainable forms of mobility – just how sustainable an individual ride really is can now be displayed on the current Nyon. Until now, the savings screen has shown how much cheaper it is to ride an eBike compared to a car. Now it will also be possible to see how much eBikers have saved in terms of CO2 emissions compared to a trip by car. The rider can tap on the savings screen to switch between the two views.

The updates will be available free of charge from 6 April 2022. Users can simply download the latest version of the eBike Connect app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Nyon can be updated by simply connecting to a wireless network.

Will Brett-Atkin

Will Brett-Atkin

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