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Bosch eBikes Systems introduces new Tour+ riding mode

Bosch eBikes Systems introduces new Tour+ riding mode for sporty tour riding and energy-saving.

Bosch eBikes Systems introduces new Tour+ riding mode

The new Tour+ riding mode rewards a little more effort on flat stretches with energy efficiency and increased range.

Sporty and economical: the new Tour+ riding mode

Bosch eBike Systems introduces an energy-saving riding mode for sporty tours

  • Dynamic continuous support for sporty eBikes
  • More of the eBikers own effort results in greater range point
  • Available from specialist dealers from July 2021

The new Tour+ riding mode from Bosch eBike Systems offers pedelec riders dynamic, continuous support depending on their own effort. This eliminates the need for manual switching between the common drive modes. The new riding mode is designed in particular for sporty rides: With Tour+, eBikes pedal a little harder on flat routes than with the familiar Tour mode. By increasing the rider’s own effort, the riding mode saves energy and extends the boundaries for extended excursions. So, Tour+ challenges sporty riders and rewards their slightly greater effort with increased range.

Natural riding sensation due to the sensitive motor support

Sensors on the motor measure important riding data more than 1,000 times per second, from which the Tour+ riding mode derives the optimum support for eBikers. The additional power is sensitively dosed to create a natural riding sensation. The degree of support varies dynamically and continuously between the Eco and Turbo drive modes. Tour+ allows eBikers maximum comfort in different riding situations and ensures that they can fully focus on the ride.

Bosch eBikes Systems introduces new Tour+ riding mode

The Tour+ riding mode provides continuous support that dynamically varies between the Eco and Turbo drive modes.

“With the Tour+ riding mode, eBikers who like to exert themselves a little more and put more of their own effort into pedaling get a comfort-oriented and range-optimised support level”explains Claus Fleischer, CEO at Bosch eBike Systems. “There is no need to switch between the familiar modes, riders can devote themselves completely to their eBike experience and enjoy maximum riding pleasure. The system supports a little less on flat and easy routes to increase range. If needed, the support is adjusted situationally based on the pedal pressure to overcome inclines.”

The Tour+ riding mode is available from July 2021 for eBikes with the Bosch Performance Line CX from model year 2020 and derailleur system.

What do you think of the Bosch eBikes Systems new Tour+ riding mode? Do you have a Bosch motor on your ebike / EMTB? Let us know in the comments section below or start a thread in our forums.

You can learn more by visiting Bosch Ebike:

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