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Return of the Sturn – A Downhill Bike for Metal Heads

Starling Cycles is pleased to announce the Sturn V2, a single-speed, handmade and steel downhill bike with a Jack Drive suspension platform and compatibility for 27.5″, 29″, and mullet setups.

The bike is hand-built in Bristol, UK at Starling HQ and has been developed with the input of the suspension experts, TF Tuned.

Key Features:

  • Hand-built in Bristol, UK, using Reynolds 853 heat-treated tubing.
  • 200mm rear travel.
  • 27.5″, mullet, or 29″ compatible.
  • Proprietary Jack Drive system platform.
  • Multi-adjust shock mount to fit a full range of shock sizes and allow geometry fine-tuning.
  • 140mm high pivot.
  • 2.8″ tyre clearance.
  • Up to 200mm rotor.
  • Custom sizing on all frames.
  • Designed for single-speed 142x12mm rear hubs.
  • Unique Starling dropouts system means the rear wheel can be removed without adjusting tension.
  • Geared dropouts are available on request.
  • Developed with the input of suspension experts TFTuned.

The Sturn V1 was a hell of a bike. Despite the internet’s insistence that a single-speed, steel DH couldn’t win races it went on to take the Masters European DH Champs and overall Masters Portuguese National Downhill Championship titles.

But, we were never quite satisfied that the bike was everything it could be. So we set to work on Sturn V2.

The Starling Cycles Sturn V2 is a revised, refined and redesigned approach to our race winner.

The BB and main pivot region have been completely redesigned, as well as a proprietary new Jack Shaft solution. The swingarm has been totally redesigned to be super neat and with reliable eccentric dropouts.

High pivots only work if you can control chain growth issues. An idler pulley is a decent solution, but the Jack Drive is the proper way to reduce friction, reduce chain forces and eliminate chain growth. Combine that with a super light, single speed rear wheel and you have suspension that feels absolutely sublime.

It tracks super rough terrain, it absorbs impacts beautifully and it carries speed like nothing you’ve ever ridden. Perfect chain line, a super light and strong rear wheel, super low maintenance and zero distractions.

We can do a geared version of the bike if you ask nicely, but single speed is where it’s at. What if you had your best race run ever? Was it because you changed gear at the right time, or you could ride with total focus and flow, in total silence with nothing to take your mind off the trail?

You can learn more about the Starling Cycles Sturn V2 here.

So what are your thoughts on the new Starling Cycles Sturn v2? Is this the DH bike for Metal Heads? What do you think about the single-speed setup? Let us know in the comments below.

You can learn more about Starling Cycles here:

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