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Keep Riding Featuring Ella Conolly by Rapha

Rapha has started a new film series called Keep Riding. Their latest film features long-time Rapha friend, wear-tester, and the first official Rapha MTB athlete, Ella Conolly. She’s a soft-spoken EWS racer that lets her riding speak for itself.

Chipping her way up the results board year after year, Ella has made a name for herself as a threat to the top 5 on any weekend. At home, she shuts off, rides with her dog, and never stops working on her skills to keep up with the increasingly competitive women’s field.

From early spring to autumn, start gate to finish line, the world of enduro racing is intense. Around every corner, through every pedal section and down every drop, there’s reward for those prepared to push and risk for those who push too hard. In winter, however, things slow down. Nature regenerates, and so do we. It’s a time to relax, re-evaluate and rebuild. A time to switch off, before switching on again. After several race seasons on the EWS circuit, Ella Conolly knows this well, and on her home trails in Scotland she’s focused on one thing: the section straight ahead of her.

Rapha Keep Riding Ella Conolly

What do you think of the new Rapha film series Keep Riding and their latest video with Ella Conolly? Have you checked out any of the Rapha MTB product lines yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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