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Shred Til Bed – Children’s MTB Themed Animal Alphabet Book

The team from Shotgun were kind enough to send us their Shred Til Bed book which is an MTB themed animal alphabet book aimed at young children.

As they did such a good job last time with the Shotgun Saddle and Handlebars we once again asked James, Laura and Charlie Ovnik to check out this book.

Shred Til Bed Kids Ride Shotgun 02

This 52-page book was written by Dan Necklen and Illustrated by Mike Hearsey. The book as jam-packed with colourful pages, nice big fonts and huge levels of stoke for both kids and parents to enjoy reading together. Each letter features a new animal shredding a mountain bike in a way that corresponds with the letter. For example “K” is for Koala and there is an illustration of a Koala pulling some sick shapes whilst jumper off a kicker ramp.

Shred Til Bed Kids Ride Shotgun 03

With the Shred Til bed book share your passion for mountain biking with your child. Get them to learn all the MTB lingo.

The book is really nicely made. The print and quality of the pages are really high. The illustration adds so much character and fun to the reading experience. You can’t help but smile when reading this book and it’s clear to see from Charlies face that he loves it too!

Shred Til Bed Kids Ride Shotgun 05

“Charlie has been extremely excited to read his “letters and bikes” book every evening since we first opened it! From the large print alphabet to the beautiful illustrations, there is something for him to spot and talk about on every single page. He loves pointing out the different animals, each and every bike part, and all of the tiny background details as the characters ride through woodland, mountains and more. The presentation box and the added bonus of the “Kids Ride Shotgun” stickers tucked inside is an added bonus too! The best part for me is reading aloud the MTB tricks and terms which he’ll be able to experience for real in the not-so-distant future! For all these reasons, I thoroughly recommend Shred Til Bed – it’s perfect for little kids, big kids (and us ‘kids at heart’ too!)”
– James Ovnik

What do you think of the Shred Til Bed book from Shotgun? You can buy the book directly from Shotgun here or find one of their stockists.

Seen any other must-have MTB kids products? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

5 / 5 Reviewer
Beautifully illustrated high-quality printed alphabet book for kids
A beautifully illustrated children's animal alphabet book from Kids Ride Shotgun with an MTB theme!
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