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Matt Jones and Ben Grist ride Woburn

YouTube sensation and Slopestyle rider Matt Jones and Ben Grist ride Woburn Bike Park in his recent video. Matt hands Ben a Marin Hawk Hill trail bike and they ride the best tracks at Woburn. Ben who is naturally a BMXer is getting to grips with MTbing.

“I’m sorry that I haven’t been uploading videos are regularly as normal, especially with no backyard trails building and riding videos, but that’s because I’m focussing so much time on a new video with Red Bull where I’m working on world’s first tricks. I’ll be back soon with some epic content! For now though, I went riding at Chicksands Bike Park on a super rainy day where I took my Marin Rift Zone trail bike along with the Hawk Hill which I ended up giving to Ben which is sick. So expect more riding videos of us together soon! thanks for your patience. Legends”

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