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How to fundraise for charity during Covid-19

It’s probably of no surprise to learn that charities and their causes have suffered greatly from the impact of Covid-19. Not only as a direct result of the risks of Covid-19 but maybe more significantly the massive decline in fundraising events in 2020. So many charity events such as marathons, bake sales and other sponsored activities have been cancelled due to social distancing. Charities rely on generous donations to support their causes so in this article we are going to look at some ways that you can still help support your favourite cause whilst keeping yourself and others self during these strange times.

Solo Fundraise

One of the easiest ways to raise funds safely and responsibly during Covid-19 is to do so on your own. Set yourself a challenge and create a page on a site such as Just Giving. Then utilise the awesome power and reach of the internet to share your challenge and raise funds without ever having to break social distancing rules.

Challenges you could set yourself are distance challenges either in one ride or over multiple rides. Just Giving also links with your Strava account so you can accurately log your miles.

Other options are you could challenge yourself to ride every day or challenge yourself to climb X amount of meters.

Perhaps you have location restrictions in your area. You could utilise Zwift or other indoor trainer options to achieve your goals. We did an article with Joe who did exactly that earlier in the year.

Fund Raise Collectively

Not keen on going alone? You can still join forces to raise money.

You can combine your results to meet a larger goal with a group of friends and with the power of the connected world and social media you have no limits to how big you wand your group to be. You still complete the challenge on your own but then pool your results together. Again Just Giving allows you to do this by creating a team on your fundraising page.

Still not keen on doing the challenge on your own. Well perhaps take a look at your local rules. In England, we are allowed to meet up with up 6 people. This means that you could meet up with a maximum of 5 friends and go on a sponsored ride. Make sure you are following local rules and not riding anywhere into any areas that have a lockdown in place and I think it goes without saying now but I’m going to say it anyway… Don’t go out if you have any Covid-19 symptoms. Don’t put others at risk and don’t spread it further. Be responsible. We are all in this together.

Strava Challenges

Strava offers many challenges each month often partnering up with brands. They set the goal and then you log your activities to try and achieve it. I’ve started to see more charitable events popup in these challenges. So why not sign up to a few, challenge yourself and raise money for a good cause at the same time.

My Fundraising

I can’t talk the talk without walking the walk. I’m not going to encourage others to take on challenges without challenging myself. That is why I have teamed up with Alzheimer’s Society to take on their Cycle for Dementia challenge. I’ve tasked myself with completing 500 miles in 30 days. I’ve set myself an additional goal of raising £500. That’s £1 per mile.

I will be completing this challenge using a variety of different cycling styles including, MTB, Gravel and Road. As the weather is turning I will also be using my indoor trainer.

If you want to support me on this challenge you can do so by visiting my fundraising page by clicking the button below.

Visit my Fundraising Page.

Fundraising not for you?

Still not up for setting a challenge for yourself? Or perhaps you’re unable to due to your health or an injury. You can certainly still help. You can support others that are fundraising by either donating to their cause directly or help them to fundraise by sharing their Fundraising pages with your friends and family. Raising money is not as easy as it’s often hard to convince people to give away money. Even just sharing someone’s post can help as the more people that know about the effort the more people that will donate and make a difference.

Will Brett-Atkin

Will Brett-Atkin

Will (@willbrettbikes) is the founder and creator of One Track Mind Mag. He is an award-winning Digital Product Designer and has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. When not behind a computer screen Will likes to be out in nature riding natural trails with friends. He also likes to dabble in a bit of Enduro racing and has had some great results racing in the UK

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