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About One Track Mind Magazine

One Track Mind MTB magazine was founded by Will Brett-Atkin, a mountain biker with a one-track mind for cycling. His passion for the sport has taken over his life from taking part in all styles of riding from trails to enduro and even venturing into road and gravel riding.

Over the years Will has built up a network of people across the cycling world from Photographers & Videographers to Brand owners and Athletes.

All content available on this website is the property of, Will Brett-Atkin, unless a specific/existing agreement exists between One Track Mind and the content creator(s).

Please note that none of the content from this site may be reused or reposted whether whole or in part without prior permission from the One Track Mind team.

Meet the Team

Will Brett-Atkin

Founder - Owner - Chief Editor

Will built and maintains the OTM site and servers as well as the ads platform and is also a frequent story, article and review contributor

One Track Mind is the creation of Will Brett-Atkin (MTB Rider also based in the UK who is very familiar with the UK Enduro race scene and can often be found competing in races across the UK and beyond.) Will is obsessed with Mountain Biking hence the name One Track Mind.  

Will has 10 plus years of experience as a product designer and has won multiple awards in this sector. 

We have a great community of contributors who provide content for the website. Each contributor is credited in the article. These include content creators, photographers, videographers and many more. Thank you for all your help!

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