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Which is Faster a 29er or a Mullet bike?

So which is faster? 29er or a mullet?. Well in today’s climate, bike industry standards are forever changing. We have gone from the standard 26 inch wheels to 650b sized wheels and even 29-inch wheels. More recently bike companies are starting to mix wheel sizes in the hope to make the bikes faster and more stable and have created the mullet bike. Some riders like the ever playful and fun 650b wheel sizes and the other half like to run the super stable and super fast 29 inch wheels, so what happens when you mix both and create a mullet bike?

Well, you get a front end that is super stable over the rough stuff and gives you fantastic grip and the rear end is playful and skips around allowing you to place the rear end wherever you want on the trail. But which is faster? Well, Lewis Buchanan has been trying to find that out for himself ahead of the EWS opening round. In his video, he switches between the two and times himself down the same track. Interesting but an expected result was had. Take a watch to see which is faster, a 29er or a mullet bike.

Click here for Lewis’s fantastic YouTube channel

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