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Scrapping of bicycle tyres to become illegal in the UK

The UK Government has set out a plan to ban the scrapping of all bicycle tyres.

The new guidelines set out by parliament will create a plan to allow the Department for Education, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to target specific types of waste. DEFRA have confirmed that as part of the The Enviroment Bill 2020 tyres are one of the priority items that they will be looking into.

Pile of MTB Tyres - One Track Mind

How will I be able to get rid of my tyres?

Velorim Limited is looking to run the scheme in which that they’re hoping participating bike stores, workshops and cycle refurbishment centres will all become local collection points. All of the rubber collected from these points will be recycled into other items and non of which will reach landfill and other waste centres.

All of this is great news for the cycling world as the industry looks to become more environmentally friendly, this will help in a massive way to achieve that goal though there is still a long way to go.

The scheme will be funded by consumers as instructed by the government. There will be a recycling levy of 50p per tyre and 20p per inner tube being charged per item received.

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