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Transition Bikes Builds An Epic Jump Line

Transition Bikes builds an epic jump line. Transition is known as the party guys in the MTB world and they have put their resources together with Nico Vink to build one epic party jump line in Bellingham where they’re based.

“Blue Steel is a new jump trail on Galbraith Mountain in Bellingham, WA. It’s fully public and open to ride anytime, by any one who feels they have the skills. It was quite the journey to create this line, and. we couldn’t have done it without all the pieces falling into place perfectly.

With the hard work of Nico Vink, Transition employees and many others, we present you with this beautifully crafted jump line, for all the world to enjoy. We began construction on this line in December of 2019, with Nico spending seven days straight working in the excavator along side Lars Sternberg, Skye Schillhammer, Kyle Young and the rest of Transition Bikes. We managed to finish the initial dirt work just before one of the wettest and longest winters we can remember. Over the next few months the anticipation to ride the line grew, as we watched heavy rain and snow keep the line unrideable. As we moved into spring, the line required almost two months of handwork to fix the winter damage, as well as some more machine work to rebuild landings that had crumbled. By April, we had tires on the line, and what a great feeling that was! We had just endured months of riding by them and dreaming of riding off these massive piles of dirt.

Nico absolutely nailed it with the build, and we planned to host a massive Party in the Woods with Nico and our other freeride athletes all attending…but as we all know, the world changed drastically this spring and all plans have been on hold. In response to the global pandemic, we didn’t find it responsible to open this line right away. The risks of injury, and the crowds this line will draw were not safe during this time. But the wait is now over, and we couldn’t be more stoked to drop the chain and open the line! Just please do so responsibly. We have many people to thank, but we couldn’t have done this without the support of the WMBC, Janicki Industries and the City of Bellingham for granting access to build on our local hill, Galbraith. We, and the biking community as a whole, thank you!”

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