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The Nukeproof MegaWatt Ultimate Guide

Exciting times for Nukeproof fans as they announce their new E-MTB the Nukeproof MegaWatt. An Enduro E-Bike with a Shimano EP8 Motor powering this beast.

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Nukeproof MegaWatt Side

The What (or should it be Watt) and Why?

Since 2009 the Nukeproof Mega has been on a journey of constant development to meet the evolving demands of our riding, customers, and athletes. From iteration to iteration of the Mega, we’ve always sought to optimise the design with incremental improvements using knowledge learned within our team and using the latest bike technology and manufacturing techniques to ensure our latest thoroughbred Enduro race bike, the V4 Mega was ahead of the curve. In recent years, however, there has notable absence in the Nukeproof range, a bike with a motor. Like them, love them, loathe them, we’re not here to debate the E-Bike game, we’re just sorry it’s taken Nukeproof so long to join the e-Bike game. This hasn’t been due to not wanting to play, but just wait for the timing to line up to get it right. We had to ensure the frame engineering, technology available, performance, and ongoing support for our customer riders were all in place.

The time is now, and we are excited and proud to introduce the Nukeproof MegaWatt., our first E-Bike…. Sorry, Not sorry.

– Rob Sherrratt, Nukeproof Global Marketing Manager

Nukeproof MegaWatt

Nukeproof MegaWatt Technical Information

Designed and developed alongside the V4 Mega, the MegaWatt frame was honed to perform using a battery and motor from the outset. As with all bikes branding the “Mega” name, it retains the descending characteristics that have taken 4 Enduro World Series crowns and numerous race wins. The MegaWatt frame features the latest expertise from Shimano in the form of their Steps EP8 drivetrain and battery technology. When choosing a motor/ battery partner Nukeproof’s top priority was to partner with the right specialist. A brand that could perform at the leading edge, whilst having the infrastructure in place to support customers during the years of ownership. The MegaWatt frame is packaged to maximise the performance of the Shimano EP8 Motor and battery. Crafted from hydroformed 6061 aluminum, the MegaWatt shares the DNA and some tubing with its Mega sibling but features some differences. The most notable is the all-new one-piece cast aluminum bottom bracket shell that was engineered to package the Shimano Steps EP8 Motor. The downtube is engineered to maximise both strength and rigidity, with optimised wall thicknesses to help reduce weight. All this whilst ensuring easy access to the battery via an access door to allow riders to remove the battery for charging, changing, or transporting the bike easily (with the added benefit of accessing the cables to root them easily). The EP8 drive train power delivery is fully customisable, with two stock settings available to the rider easily. For usability from the outset, we have tailored these to offer a “power mode” and a “range mode”, with torque settings curbed to ensure the MegaWatt feels ridable on all trails and in all conditions (see attached presentation for power settings).

Nukeproof MegaWatt Down Tube Profile 2
Nukeproof MegaWatt Motor Mount 1

A huge amount of R&D has gone into the Forged Aluminium motor case and downtube to ensure strength at a minimal weight

The MegaWatt is offered in a choice of three build specifications; Comp, Elite, or Factory (see below for more info on each). The Factory and Elite use a 630WH Shimano battery, with the comp using the 504WH Shimano battery. Both 630WH and 504WH battery will fit in all MegaWatt models, with a secure flip-able battery mount to allow riders to easily adjustable the mounts on the with minimal fuss. All bikes will come complete with a Shimano battery charger and accessories for on-bike and off-the-bike charging. Please see individual specs for full details.

Whilst the MegaWatt shares the race-proven geometry of the Nukeproof Mega, it does so in an all-new mixed wheel size platform. A 29” wheel up front to maximise rolling efficiency with a 27.5” wheel outback. This ensures the MegaWatt has the ability to whip around even the tightest of Alpine trail, whilst still inspiring confidence in the stability to attacking the roughest terrain. The 297 wheelbase retains a similar chainstay length figure to the Mega 290 mode (442mm Vs 440mm). The rear chainstays are finished with 3D molded chain protection to keep the frame fresh and silent allowing you to concentrate on nailing the trail ahead. The MegaWatt is offered in Size Small through to XXL with evenly spaced size splits for best fit. It also shares Nukeproof’s “saddle offset” philosophy with the Mega; Steeper seat angles offered on larger sizes to optimise the riding position and maximise comfort and efficiency.

Subtle differences to saddle angel across the sizes; Comp Medium (Concrete), Elite Large (Dk Grey), Factory XL (Green)

Nukeproof MegaWatt Action Shot 2

All models feature a custom-tuned rear shock with 170mm of rear travel to ensures that the MegaWatt is super supple of the top whilst remaining progressive and supportive through the rest of the travel. The Anti Squat too is optimised to create a bike that offers ultimate performance on the descends and then returns you back to the top efficiently for more. The new Mega also has a wide SAG range (30%-35%) to allow you; the rider to tune the characteristics of the bike to your preferences.

Suspension Leverage Curve

Nukeproof Megawatt Leverage Ratio

A Super supple beginning for small bump compliance with strong Mid-Stroke support for optimal cornering and pumping. The Mid-End of the stroke allows for more tuning options and a wide 30-35% range of usable SAG. Increased end-stroke leverage prevents the suspension from spiking. 22% overall progression with an average ratio of 2.6 (measured from SAG)

Anti Squat Curve

Nukeproof Megawatt Anti-Squat

Slightly lower anti Squat numbers than its Mega sibling at 99%. This helps to increase the performance of the suspension (We’re able to do this due to the climbing assistance on an E-Bike). Higher anti-Squat in the climbing gears, which drops off to (52%)  in the descending gears. The MegaWatt remains true to our belief that a low anti-squat, but good mid-stroke support is a winning combo for climbing traction. However, we believe that the Anti-Squat should never prevent the suspension from working well over rough terrain.

Anti Rise Curve

Nukeproof Megawatt Anti Rise

The MegaWatt has a balanced amount of Anti-Rise that tails off for bigger hits on the trail. This allows some squat in the suspension when breaking hard into a corner allowing the rider to maintain his/ her position. This allows the rider to put the pressure through the tyres and into the ground for excellent traction under hard breaking

Axle Path Curve

Nukeproof Megawatt Axle path

The MegaWatt axel path moves rearwards for 50mm (sag). This prevents the rear wheel from hooking up on square edges and ultimately will help the rider holds speed.

When will the Nukeproof MegaWatt be available to buy?

The MegaWatt Elite and Comp models will be available in stores from the 2nd July 2021. There will be three specifications of the bike available with factor models coming around the 5th of August 2021.

Nukeproof MegaWatt Action Shot

The MegaWatt Range

Nukeproof MegaWatt Comp

Nukeproof MegaWatt Comp

Price: (£5000 GBP // $6000 EURO // $5500 USD)

The start of the MegaWatt range. All MegaWattt models will come with the Shimano EP8 motor, with the Comp featuring a 504WH Battery. The drive is from Shimano’s awesome Deore 12 speed groupset with stopping power from the Deore 4 pot brakes. Suspension is from Rockshox 170mm ZEB Select Charger RC fork with a custom-tuned RockShox Super Deluxe Select R shock outback. All models will feature a tyre combo of Double Down casing Maxxis Assegai upfront and High Roller outback. The Comp is a stage-ready spec straight off the shop floor. Full Spec can be found on  

Nukeproof MegaWatt Elite

Nukeproof MegaWatt Elite

Price: (£6000 GBP // $7200 EURO // $6600 USD)

The Elite Spec. MegaWatt again features the Shimano EP8 motor but combines this with the larger 630WH battery. Fox 38 Performance Elite and custom-tuned Fox Float X2 rear shock (with two positions) provide the suspension performance with Shimano’s SLX drivetrain and 4 pot brakes (203mm rotors). It again will feature all the Nukeproof finishing components from our premium Horizon range. Like the Comp, it’s race/ trail-ready straight off the shop floor. Full Spec listing on

Nukeproof MegaWatt Factory

Nukeproof MegaWatt Factory

Price: (£7000 GBP // $8200 EURO // $7500 USD)

The Top of the MegaWatt range. Fitted with tuned Fox Factory Series Suspension and Shimano XT 12 speed and powerful XT M8120 4 pot brakes, making this bike the ultimate electrified Mega. The Factory model is race-ready to compete on any of the E-Enduro World Series stages. Full Spec listing on

The MegaWatt Launch Video

So what do you think of the new E-Bike from Nukeproof? Was our Nukeproof MegaWatt Ultimate Guide helpful? Will you be trying/buying the MegaWatt? Personally, I’m excited to see what Nukeproof has done with this EMTB and if it really does handle like the Mega.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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