Talking Funny Faces and Bikes with Harry Schofield

In this story, Klare (@urbanwolfphotography) meets up with young shredder Harry Schofield to talk bikes as well as funny faces.

It’s Wednesday afternoon and it’s the hottest day of the year so far.
The skies are pure blue and not a cloud in the sky.
There’s a breeze coming across the fields making the tall grass dance from side to side with the sound of fun in the distant background.

I’m listening intently… There it is, the shout…
I shout back
Harry sets off on his run
Steaming towards me like a bullet, this grom is going places and he’s going places fast!
I set my camera, listen, wait and bam… like a floating silhouette he’s flying through the blue skies above me

For those of you who don’t know who this flying grom is, I caught up with Harry Schofield for a socially distanced chat about bikes, pulling faces and the future and here’s what he had to say…

Hi Harry, thanks for chatting with me – so tell me a little about your self for those who might not know you as a little introduction… “My real name is Harrison but most people call me Harry. I’m 10 years old and I like riding bikes!”

If you have come across Harry on social media you’ll see a variety of shots from riding and pulling faces (his other favourite pass time) BMX and MX so most know Harry’s insta name as “@harry_2010_beast” so obviously I was curious to know where the inspiration for the name came from. Harry said, “My Dad always called me a little beast. I would never cry as a baby and I would break everything! The name has stuck”.

In my time spent with Harry, I came to understand he’s your typical 10 year old just having fun but is doing what he loves with the help and support of his dad and two brothers.
The only thing is Harry isn’t your typical 10 year old when he gets on a bike (he rides better than 90% of the adults I know, including myself).

Naturally, I was curious how he discovered a love for bikes and his response was, “I could ride a bike from age 2 and we would go everywhere with a BMX in the back of the van” and you can certainly see it in the way Harry rides and “it basically just evolved from there from riding MX and mountain bikes”!
It’s also really easy to forget he’s still only 10 with his abilities on a bike and tricks under his belt so I asked him what his favourite trick was, and simply with a cheeky smile “Love doing 360s”.

It was a bit too windy for a 360 so Harry showed me some of his other tricks

For me personally, even as an adult, doing any sort of skill requires weeks of practice and usually several tantrums later I don’t succeed and get quite disheartened.
So I asked Harry how he approached his tricks and simply he says “practice, practice, practice and then keep practising*. Watch videos of other people doing the trick. Get someone to video you trying the trick and see what you’re doing wrong and it will happen”.

With this in mind I curiously asked; are you currently trying any new tricks; “I can do bar spins and tail whips but not every time and it hurts when you get those tricks wrong! So I’m practising them when I get a chance”.
I asked if Harry would love to invent his own trick and see people trying it “I would love to but it’s hard to think of one that no one else has done yet! Maybe do the bike flip (not backflip) to superman seat grab trick… you heard it here first peoples so watch this space.

I also asked Harry about his bike and set up “it’s 26inch 140mm YT Jeffsy primus”.
Harry has a grin and continues enthusiastically pointing to each bit “Box Prime 9 drivetrain, Maxxis tyres, Manitou suspension, Protaper bars/stem, Hayes brakes, Sunringle wheels, ODI grips and Crankbrother pedals”
He then goes on to explain the bikes geometry and how it is based on the adult Jeffsy 27.5 so “you can ride downhill and trails but its also able to ride up steep hills”.

Harry also told me has backflipped this bike and would I like to see.
Nervously I glanced at his dad who was grinning proudly, he gave me the nod, so I said, if the winds ok and you’re happy then sure.


He headed up the hill and says

Coming from a BMX background, Harry likes both fork and shock pumped up hard!
With also riding the MX bike I wondered if he felt those skills helped on his MTB and vice versa “The MX bike gets you used to the high speed which helps with the MTB. On the MTB you need to move the bike more to get speed so this helps with the MX handling skills”.

Sometimes though doing the sport we all love, there’s a serious side and accidents happen – some are funny and you can walk them off with a laugh, smile & dirt on your face and others are little more serious.
Unfortunately, like Harry, I’ve found myself in that position. So I wondered what he’d say to those who might be in the situation of currently injured; if he had tips on how to keep occupied while off the bike and what gave him the motivation to get back on it, he says “I broke my femur a just over a year ago and had to have 12 weeks off the bike, I played computer games for the first couple of weeks, played with my dog loads, played with my toy bikes visualising what tricks I was gonna do when my leg was better! It was so boring and I was desperate to get back and ride my bike”.

Now for only 10 yrs old, Harry has had some big accomplishments like riding at masters of dirt in Vienna and pulling an insane flip about 3 wks after his leg had healed.
For anyone of any age that would be an amazing feeling especially after such a big injury so I asked him how it felt to be back out on the bike doing what he loved “It was annoying at first as I could not ride properly without worrying about my leg, but once I backflipped and did a few big jumps I started to ride more freely! Then it felt awesome”.

As well as riding MTB and MX; Harry started out on BMX; he was also European number 2 (Sarrians, France) and World number 3 (Baku, Azerbaijan ) in Bmx racing; riding for DC Cycles team (big up Denham) so I wondered where he saw himself in 5 years…
“I haven’t thought that far ahead yet; I’m only 10!”
Its is a valid comment to be fair what 10 year old knows what they want to do.
In reality, what adult knows what they want to do (I’m still trying to figure that out myself) but he then continued “Maybe owning a massive bike park for MTB, MX and BMX that my friends can come ride would be a dream. lol”.

Lastly, Harry loves pulling these awesome little faces – So I asked him, what’s your favourite…. “Cross eyes! haha”

I’d like to take this opportunity to say BIG thanks to Harry, his dad Paul and his two brothers, Jake and Jason, for keeping me entertained for the day especially in 30 degree heat – you’re all little troopers, especially Harry who gave it his all on every trick & run. You gave a lot of thought to your answers to which I really appreciate. Also, big thanks to Harry for keeping my puppy entertained while we were chilling.

I’d also like to give the Bull Track a huge shout out and cheers for letting us have a blast and getting some rad shots at your site.

*Don’t forget – inspiration is awesome it comes in many forms like Harry but always remember to practice and ride within YOUR limits.

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