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Is the Stan’s DART the best tyre plug money can buy?

Is the Stan’s DART the best plug tool for tyres money can buy? In this product review, we take a look at the Stan’s DART and try and answer that question. So what is the DART?

What is the DART?

The DART which stands for Dual Action Repair for Tubeless is a tyre plug tool for tubeless tyres that not only plug holes but also plugs slices in tyres. But what makes the DART different from the competition? 

How is the DART Different?

Well, it’s pretty obvious just looking at it. The DART uses a laser-cut flexible material that fills and conforms to the shape of the puncture whereas the competition uses a rubber strip that you jam into the puncture. 

The Dart has a barbed plastic tip that prevents the dart from coming loose from the tyre and the flexible material also chemically reacts with the sealant to form a seal faster. 

Dart Tyre Plug Review

If you watched the video above you will know how easy the DART is to use. Just find the puncture, remove the lid and press the material and tip into the puncture until you hear a small click, then remove the tool leaving the Dart inside. Rotate the tyre to get sealant in the right place and you are done. No need to trim the plug, just ride and it will wear down. 

Stan’s solution to the MTB tyre plug is a strong one. Pure and simple it works. and it works well. There is no faffing around and the form factor is small enough to slip into your pocket, bag or on bike storage. 

The Dart is priced around £25 in the UK and a refill pack is around £20. So it’s not the cheapest solution but it’s far cheaper than a new tyre and I would certainly rather part with a relatively small amount of cash than walk miles home with a puncture and miss out on an awesome ride. Trust me it’s happened enough times now. 

Would I recommend it? Definitely! Other than the price I can’t fault it. I will be keeping one in my pocket on future rides that’s for sure. 

What do you think of the Stan’s DART? Do you agree that it’s the best tyre plug on the market or do you have an alternative in mind. 

Enter your own review of this product below and let others know your thoughts. 

You can also leave your opinions in the comments section below. 

5 / 5 Reviewer
Plugs tyres easily, Easy to use, Ergonomic, Small form factor, Chemical reaction forms seals faster, Design is the best on the market.
More expensive than similar products on the market.
Will Brett-Atkin

Will Brett-Atkin

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