RRP’s Proguard Bolt On MTB Mudguard

RRP has taken it’s brilliant ProGuard and added a new mount that’ll attach it to fork braces of certain brands via a couple of bolts making it a smooth looking, waste-free and quick removable mudguard.

We here at One Track Mind love it because it could be the easiest and quickest mudguard out there to fit or remove. For the cyclists who like to place their bike in the boot of their car and have to lay it flat to travel to the trails will be delighted because you no longer will be bending and deforming your mudguards, You simply remove the bolts and guard to keep it straight for easy storing or you can quickly adapt to changing trail conditions pre and during your ride.

The new guard fits most Fox/Marzocchi, Ohlins and SR Suntour forks. Which is great, but if you run RockShox then you are out of luck. You still can fit the non Bolt On version, it just means you have to use cable ties. 

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“There are also rubber bumpers on the guard’s side to brace against the fork lowers”

The ProGuard Bolt On comes in two lengths. The Mini at 388mm and Standard at 503mm in lengths to suit your style and season. You can adjust the angle of the guard with tilt brackets that are supplied and you can also adjust the height by 6mm to fit all wheel sizes and up to a 3 inch tyre. There are also rubber bumpers on the guard’s side to brace against the fork lowers to dampen any vibration from riding and whats even better is that the whole product is designed and made here in the United Kingdom.

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On first impressions the Guard is of very good quality and is very sturdy even when mounted to the fork. The kit they supply to fit is also great as it comes with all the bolts you need for the different installations depending on your brand of fork and also supplied is two allen keys which makes the price of £35.99 seem a bargain compared to its competitors and you wont be disappointed by it. 

If you wish to customise the guard to your colour scheme you can also purchase stickers to apply separately which make for another fantastic addition.

We will be doing a long term review in the future of the Bolt On ProGuard once we can get back to the trails so keep an eye out for that. 

What do you think of RRP’s ProGuard Bolt On? Will you be purchasing one? Let us know in the comments.

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