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Revamped Charger

Off the back of the 2021 Fox release, Rockshox have now released their new Debonair spring for there range of suspension fork, Whilst this isn’t as big as the Fox release with all new lower leg designs and a whole new fork altogether, this is a big change for the suspension manufacturer. We dive into the changes for the new air spring and why this is a big step for them going into 2021 

So what’s new?

The new version comes with a taller seal head, as well as a longer foot nut. These changes were made to move the spring higher in the fork stanchion, it now sits on the dimple that allows air to move from the positive to the negative air chamber. That small change in height makes the fork sit higher in its travel than before, and it no longer feels like it wants to suck down into the first 5 millimeters of travel before sag even comes into it. Please not this new spring will only fit the Lyrik, Yari, Pike or Revelation

What’s the cost of this?

The good thing about this change is that they’ve put backwards compatibility into the design so if you have a fork with the debonair spring you can upgrade to this new version just make sure you purchase the correct one for your fork. Now you think this may be a pretty penny to upgrade but you will be shocked that it will only cost 47 euros which quite frankly to upgrade your fork is an absolute bargain!

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