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Riding Antur Stiniog with Tony Hillier

Last weekend a few of us visited Antur Stiniog for a day of shredding exposed trails in North Wales. Riding with Tony Hillier who rides for the UK enduro team down Meehh Line and into Bendy G.

Antur Stiniog Meehhh Line into Bendy G with Tony Hillier

In the above video, Tony and I ride the Meehhh Line which is a red trail with a ton of high-speed jumps made of tables, gaps, and rollers that can be doubled. Then instead of continuing into the next red called Draft, we transferred onto a black trail called Bendy G. This black trail features many tight single track switchbacks that get steeper towards the bottom with technical rooty and steep steps to navigate.

Antur Stiniog Trail Map

Antur Stiniog Trail Map

About Antur Stiniog

Antur Stiniog is a mountain bike downhill and trail centre based in Blaenau Ffestiniog, Snowdonia National Park, North Wales. The bike park is set in the stunning North Welsh mountains and has 14 expertly crafted gravity-fed mountain bike trails that are accessible by up-lift.

Antur Stiniog is an up-lift only centre meaning there is no pedalling or hiking to the top. You must purchase an up-lift ticket and make use of their uplift service which is made up of multiple buses with bike trailers. Antur has the most efficient uplift service I have ever experienced. You rarely have to wait long for your next lift to the top and that includes during Covid times. As it is a ticket only centre you must book to ride. This limits the numbers and means they can run an incredibly efficient service getting you a ton of runs in a day.

The trails range all the way from green to black. There is something for everyone here but you will get the most out of the centre if you are comfortably able to ride red trails.

Antur Stiniog Trail Information

Antur Stiniog Trail Information

What do you think of Antur Stiniog? Did you enjoy my short video following Tony Hillier down Meehhh Line and into Bendy G? Want to see more articles like this with trail videos? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to like, subscribe and leave a comment on our YouTube videos as this helps us reach more people making it more likely we will create more, better quality content in the future.

You can learn more about Antur Stiniog and book your next uplift here:

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Will Brett-Atkin

Will Brett-Atkin

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