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Red Panda Components’ Lobster protects Shimano brakes from dirt, dust, and water

In this article, we are introduced to the Red Panda Components Lobster kit that is designed to keep the mud, dust, grime, and water out and protect Shimano brakes. Red Panda Components are a company based in Moscow Russia. Their product is easy to fit and should extend the life of your Shimano brakes for a relatively low cost.

Red Panda Components, bike components manufacturer from Moscow, introduces the Lobster – ready-to-go IP65 protection for Shimano hydraulic brakes. The Lobster saves the brake lever from damage caused by dirt and dust, preventing oil leakage and inconsistency of the bite point.

Leaking levers and wandering bite point are the most annoying issues of Shimano brakes. Since the piston is not sealed, dirt gets easily behind the piston cuffs, scratching the cylinder walls, until the scrapes are deep enough to let the oil leak out. The brakes gradually lose power and modulation, and the bite point becomes inconsistent. After two years of prototyping and tests, Red Panda Components introduces the Lobster – the ultimate solution to the problem.

The Lobster is a kit of 6 pieces. The main part is the highly durable PU replacement of the original servo wave plates, which holds the silicone dust cover, reinforced with ABS frame. The corrugated dust cover protects the pusher, as it goes down and up, and prevents dirt from getting into the master cylinder. Two bushings with grub screws shield the handle pin and assist the free stroke screw keeping the Lobster firmly in place. The oil-resistant rubber O-ring seals the contact edges of the frame and cylinder. All original Shimano parts remain intact, ready to reinstall at any time. Let’s say, you’ve got your Lobster. Will you need to visit a mechanic to protect your brakes? No, you won’t, the Lobster can be installed in less than 10 minutes at home without special tools.

There are two major scenarios, how you can take advantage of the Lobster. To hit the sweet spot, install the Lobster into your Shimano brake lever right from the scratch. The second option is to fix your used brakes after the proper overhaul (polish the main cylinder walls, replace the piston cuffs). Installing the Lobster into not overhauled used brakes prevent them from further damage by dirt and dust, but doesn’t “heal” scratched cylinder walls.

Lobster Installation Video

The Lobster for Shimano hydraulic brakes is:

  • Reinforced silicone dust cover, to protect the piston and master cylinder from dust, dirt, and water (conforms to IP65)
  • Sealed bushings to protect the handle pin
  • Fast and simple installation without special equipment
  • Original parts remain intact, any time ready for being reinstalled
  • No rebleeding required
  • 1-year full warranty
  • Spare parts always in stock
  • Designed and made in Russia with love

The Lobster is available for the following Shimano brakes:

  • Deore MT500/520
  • SLX M7000/M7100/7120
  • Deore XT M8000/M8020/M8100/M8120
  • Saint M820

Pricing: 17-28€, depending on the model.

What do you think of the Lobster kit for Shimano brakes from Red Panda Company? Will you be trying this upgrade on your bike? Is this solving a problem that doesn’t exist or is this the product we all need but didn’t realise until now. Let us know in the comments below.

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