Reader Submission FAQ’s

What are reader submissions?

Reader submissions are exactly that. Stories, Articles, media content and reviews submitted by people like you our readers.

Use this platform to share your story with our global reader base.

Do posts need to approved?

All posts need to be approved before they are published on the site. This is to prevent spam or inappropriate content from being posted.

Each post will be checked by a member of the One Track Mind Magazine team. Once approved the post will go live and you will be able to find it on the Reader Submission Page.

Certain posts may also be posted to our home page at the editor’s discretion. If you want to request your post is verified and posted to the home page then please use our contact form here and send us the link to your article so we can check it.

What should I do if my content is not approved?

If your submission is rejected then please first check if it is relevant to our site, that there is no inappropriate content and that it is good quality.

You can contact us here if you think there has been a mistake.

What can I submit?

All posts submitted to One Track Mind Magazine must be relevant to our content. We will not approve any content that is irrelevant to our content base and users.

Content must be about cycling or relevant to cycling. We are happy to accept content around all types of cycling not just mountain biking.

What types of media can I submit?

We have built our submission tool to allow you to create high-quality articles from your content.

Media types accepted are text (in a visual editor with HTML markup), images (JPG, PNG, GIF up to 1MB).

We also allow you to embed videos but this requires you to embed a YouTube, Vimeo or other video providers using their embed tools.

YouTube: Go to the video, click share, select embed and copy and paste the code directly into the content window where you want the video to be hosted.

What is a Thumbnail

The thumbnail is the image that appears both at the top of the article as well as the image shown in search results, on the home page and anywhere the article appears.

Please use a high-quality image (up to 1mb in size) that is relevant to the article.

The thumbnail is required to submit an article. Articles without a thumbnail will be rejected.

What are tags?

Tags are similar to hashtags that you would use on Youtube and social media. Use tags to make your article easier to find on the website.

Example: You write an article about Downhill Racing at the UCI World Cup you could use the following tags: Downhill, World Cup, UCI, Racing

Tags should be relevant to your content

How many articles can I submit?

You can submit as many articles as you like. However, we are looking for quality of quantity.