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Do you keep riding through the winter months?

Mountain biking in winter. Winter is well and truly here. With the coldest season comes plenty of rain, mud, and sloppy trails here in the UK. So be honest and who keeps riding throughout winter and who is a fair-weather rider.

I’ve always ridden no matter the weather. I’ve even ridden through a few storms, wouldn’t recommend it. But this year I’m struggling to motivate myself. Perhaps it’s seeing all those EMTB’s fly past like there isn’t any slop to churn your way through, maybe it’s time I bite the bullet and get an e-bike.

Mountain Biking In Winter Poll

Do you keep riding through the winter months?

Mountain Biking in winter tips

Go Tubeless

Going tubeless means you can run lower pressure in your tyres which result in more grip. Grip is something you are likely to struggle with when riding in winter so having as much grip as possible is paramount.

Check out our guide on how to set up your bike for tubless: Tubeless Tyre Setup

Keep your bike clean

Winter can be brutal on your bike and particularly your drive train so make sure you keep your bike clean is really important to keep it running smoothly and last as long as possible.

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Use a wet chain lube

Switching to a wet chain lube when mountain biking through winter can not only keep your chain running smoothly but also protect your drivetrain too. A wet lube is going to last longer during winter as it’s specifically designed to withstand wet riding conditions.

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Riding Technique.

Having the right riding technique is even more important in winter where braking and finding grip is significantly harder. Having the right riding technique not only make winter riding really fun but safe too!

Here are some tips on MTB riding techniques:

Tyre Choice

Having the right tyre choice when riding in the wet and throughout winter is also really important. Typically here in the UK we would switch to a mud tyre in the winter as chances are there is going to be a lot of mud no matter where you ride as winter is wet here.

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For more tips you can visit our YouTube channel here: One Track Mind Magazine YouTube Channel

Will Brett-Atkin

Will Brett-Atkin

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