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Pembree launch their new UK made D2A pedal

HEATHFIELD, ENGLAND.– PEMBREE, the start-up company from the U.K. are launching its second all-mountain flat pedal. The D2A flat pedal is a lighter option for the more weight conscious rider and maintains our carbon neutral stance following the successful introduction of the R1V earlier this year.

As a company with huge ambition, we know how important it is to hear your feedback. We listened to responses from our previous product launch and feedback from riders out on the trails and are confident that the D2A pedal will exceed expectations.

Pembree D2A Pedals

As with all PEMBREE products, the D2A has been developed from the ground up by our small and dedicated team; the result of numerous prototypes, refinements and testing.

From our factory in East Sussex, England, the D2A has been carefully designed to provide exceptional grip coupled with high-quality bearings that provide longevity and reliability.

Pembree D2A Pedal Silver

“With the D2A pedal, we have managed to hit the sweet spot and find a balance between a pedal that is lightweight but strong that provides amazing grip whilst also achieving our environmental goals. Our small, family-run factory is always bustling with new ideas and I can’t wait to get this pedal out to riders and onto the mountains!”

PEMBREE Founder Phil Law states.

Pembree D2A Pedal Orange

Starting with a 2014 T6 aluminium pedal body that we have CNC machined in-house to very exacting tolerances, we’ve added 10 PEMBREE designed Traction Pins per side allowing the D2A to provide incredible grip even in the wettest conditions.

Running on two sealed SKF stainless steel ball bearings per pedal and a plain bearing from IGUS, the stainless steel spindle is not only strong but will also not rust – giving you years of trouble-free riding.

“The D2A is the perfect platform from a company that actually cares about the world we live in.”

PEMBREE Team Rider Daryl Brown states.

Pembree D2A Pedals Exploded

The PEMBREE D2A flat pedal is available to purchase directly from for £109/$140/€119 RRP. They will also be available to purchase through selected partners from October 2020.


  • Carbon Neutral
  • Spindle: 17- 4 PH Stainless Steel
  • Pedal Body: 2014 T6 Aluminium
  • Traction Pins: Stainless Steel
  • End Cap: 6082 T6 Aluminium
  • Inner Bearings: IGUS JSM
  • Outer Bearings: 2 x SKF stainless steel sealed ball bearings
  • Pins: 10 Traction Pins per side
  • Body Dimensions: 100mm x 110mm x 15mm(center)
  • Weight: 446g per pair
  • 5 Colour Options: Black, Red, Silver, Orange, Purple
  • Warranty: 5 years; 2 years for bearings
Pembree D2A Pedals


We continue to be driven by our responsibility as a manufacturer in the mountain bike industry to do all we can to minimize the environmental impact of PEMBREE products.

In line with this approach, we make the following commitments:

  • Products are designed with recyclability at the forefront of our minds throughout the process
  • All materials are traceable back to the foundries where they are produced
  • All materials are easily recyclable
  • We are carbon neutral through the #PEDALS4TREES initiative and through a partnership with TEMWA
  • Our factory is powered solely on wind and solar energy
  • All PEMBREE products can be returned at the end of life for recycling at no cost


Despite already successfully running as a carbon-neutral company, Pembree had a clear goal of becoming carbon negative and our #Pedals4Trees initiative has made this a reality. By definition, being carbon negative

means removing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than we emit. For every pair of pedals sold, we plant at least one tree to help support this environmental goal.

This initiative is an evolution of PEMBREE’s original #Pedals4Pedals scheme which intended to reclaim materials from old pedals and recycle them. However, despite our best efforts, this was not able to work as intended and the new scheme will enable us to maintain our promise in a more viable, long-term way. Nonetheless, we will continue to offer to recycle old pedals at no cost for those who value this service.


PEMBREE’s goal is to become a global leader in ethical, transparent and ecologically sustainable manufacturing within the mountain bike industry. Our premium products are designed and manufactured in our own solar/wind-powered factory in East Sussex, England using only recyclable materials.

What do you think of Pembree and the launch of their new D2A pedal? Let us know you thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Will Brett-Atkin

Will Brett-Atkin

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