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Nico Vink Rides Through A Forest Fire

Nico Vink is a super stylish rider that can be found on the fest series circuit. He recently made the switch from Scott Bikes over to Transition which is a brand that suits his style down to the ground. This video which is called From The Ash was filmed back in 2018 when Nico was still riding for Scott bikes and he is shredding his Gambler through a forest fire.

This film was directed by Ryan Gibb who you may remember created one of the best mountain bike films of all time called Life Cycles.

“From The Ash is a visual metaphor for pushing forward as the world seemingly crumbles around you. In May of 2018 the Ute Park wildfire burnt 36,740 acres; a large swath of it was on the Philmont Scout Ranch. Thank you to the Boy Scouts of America for allowing us to film on location at Philmont.”

Sit back relax and watch Nico shred through the fire

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