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New Mondraker Raze 2022

Mondraker release the new Raze 2022. A lightweight enduro bike that sacrifices nothing but is better at pedaling. Read on to learn more about the Mondraker Raze

Mondraker Raze RR 2022

“Our philosophy is all about having fun. We ride Mountain Bikes because we love the mountains and we want to enjoy ourselves on the best bikes available. Raze is the much anticipated, highly innovative trail bike from Mondrak- er combining the best of XC with the best of Enduro to create a bike without limits.”


Raze is the desire of a large part of the mountain biking community made real: lighter than a traditional Enduro bike but without sacrificing performance, yet lighter of foot and better at pedaling. The longer we spend riding in the mountains, the more the distinct disciplines of mountain bike are blurring. How far can we go with today’s latest generation of XC bikes before they merge into what we call Enduro?

We all want the best. The total Mountain Bike, the “quiver killer”. “I don’t want two bikes! I want one that can do it all and make me a better rider”. A bike that adapts to all environments, to any type of use, which allows us to ride with our Cross Country whippet friends one weekend and then bang out some runs at the Bike Park with our downhill mates the next. When we debuted the Raze back in the summer at the Sölden Bike Park in Austria, even we were shocked by its performance. When you try it, it makes you rethink whether you really need anything more, or even whether you need different bikes for different rides.

Raze really makes you rethink and question the boundaries between disciplines. Some will see it as that ideal bike “a little beyond” the traditional XC but without losing that XC racing performance. You can climb at the same rate as your XC mates but you’ll leave them for dead on the downs. Others will see it as that long-awaited mini-Foxy, with almost the exact same evolved geometry but which lets you ride farther, hit more jumps, rail more single-track and cover greater distances, faster. Too aggressive for XC? Incredibly light for Enduro? It’s all of that and more. Raze redefines what is and has been a traditional trail bike. Don’t try to compare it to anything else because it’s got a unique identity and personality. If you’re lucky enough to try one, you won’t want anything else.


With 150mm travel at the front and 130mm at the rear, the new Raze is not a normal trail bike. The definition of a trail bike isn’t based on suspension travel, but rather on functionality. In line with our philosophy mountain bikes are for fun, and to fulfill that objective they must be really, really good at going both up and down mountains. Raze is our new Trail model for those who want it all, and with guarantees.

The Raze frame is manufactured from carbon fiber using our latest generation STEALTH AIR FULL CARBON technology, achieving a frame weight (not including the rear shock) of close to 2 kg. We have fully optimized our double-link ZERO SUSPENSION SYSTEM to achieve the best pedaling response and the most un-compromised suspension performance in a bike of these characteristics. Raze debuts a new lower link for optimal stiffness.

With Trail-specific kinematics and a FOX shock tuned specifically for this model, we’ve managed to strike the perfect compromise between pedaling efficiency and overall performance. The key to the new Raze is that it has the best traits of both XC and Enduro all rolled into one single model: The best of F-Podium and the best of Foxy Carbon as a new generation of trail bike: Agile, with a lightning-fast pedal response combined with surprising sensitivity and shock performance as well as, until now, unheard-of levels of lightness, extreme maneuverability and enviable poise. Your next bike? Most likely.

Raze 2022

The new range of Raze models also comes equipped with our exclusive MIND telemetry system as standard which helps you set up your suspension in an instant and enjoy a whole new world of possibilities such as having all the info of each ride at your fingertips, seeing how both the fork and shock have performed at all times, showing you all the parameters relating to your time in the air and giving you a detailed end of ride analysis thanks to the MyMondraker app.

Regarding its geometry, Mondraker’s FORWARD GEOMETRY has been specifically adapted to the Raze, providing Trail characteristics with Enduro aspirations, thus taking into account the dimensions needed to provide an optimal stance while balancing metrics for versatility. Its 65.5o head angle and 76.5o seat tube angle combined with spacious reach figures offer the best possible dimensions when considering Trail use under all riding conditions.

Here at Mondraker we like exclusive bikes that stand out whilst be- ing highly effective in their respective disciplines. Riding the new Raze you’ll realize it’s not just another conventional Trail bike, but something far, far more.


The Raze range is comprised of three models: Raze RR SL, Raze RR and Raze R. All of them share the same carbon fiber frame and spectacular aesthetics, thanks in part to the shapes of their tubing, their design, and their colors. Additionally, all three models feature 150mm FOX 36 forks combined with Fox shocks offering 130mm of rear-wheel travel.


  • 150mm front wheel travel and 130mm rear wheel travel
  • ZERO SUSPENSION SYSTEM with new kinematics
  • MIND telemetry system
  • One-piece carbon fiber Monobloc main link
  • New lower link system, optimized for the perfect stiffness to weight ratio
  • Internal HHG (Hidden Housing Guide) cable routing from the head tube
  • Dual Enduro Sealed Bearings
  • Built-in rear shock guard
  • New internal bottom bracket cable routing
  • Threaded BB73 bottom bracket/ 180mm rear post mount disc mount / ISCG05 mount / Custom chain guide / custom frame protectors / Boost axles / Fidlock integration Pocket



Mondraker Raze RR 2022


Technical Information


Mondraker Raze 2022 Geometry
Mondraker Raze 2022 Geometry Chart

Weights / Colours

  • RAZE RR SL: 12.2 kg / Deep Purple – Flame Red
  • RAZE RR: 12.5 kg / Racing Silver – Yellow
  • RAZE R: 13.2 kg / Carbon – Black – Racing Silver


Raze RR SL

Mondraker Raze RR SL 2022 Specification


Raze RR

Mondraker Raze RR 2022 Specification


Raze R

Mondraker Raze R 2022 Specification

So what do you think of the Mondraker Razer, new for 2022? Let us know in the comments below.

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