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New MICHELIN Wild Enduro Racing Line

Michelin is pleased to launch the new Wild Enduro Racing Line mountain bike tyre range designed for racers, riders who want the ultimate performance and for those who want to ride the same tyres as used by pro racers including Sam Hill, Adrien Dailly and Martin Maes.

Available in front-and rear-specific versions, the MICHELIN Wild Enduro Racing Line tyres are available in 29×2.40 to suit the race bikes used today at the highest levels of the sport, and by riders who ride aggressively on enduro-type terrain.

The focus of the new range is to offer the highest levels of grip in challenging conditions and to resist damage when riding at the limit. This has been made possible due to the use of the MAGI-X DH tread rubber compound, and Double Defense 4X-Ply, Low-Pressure Reinforcement and High-Density Puncture Protection integrated into the casing design.


This is the same sticky and durable rubber compound as used in Michelin’s DH range of tyres that are optimised to offer high grip levels in wet and dry conditions on a variety of terrain. In addition, the compound ensures consistent grip across a wide temperature range from 5° to 40° Celsius (41° to 104° Fahrenheit).

Double Defense 4X-Ply

Designed with four plies in the sidewall areas to increase resistance to damage and increase the lateral stability of the tyres’ casing during high-speed cornering.*

*Compared to Gravity Shield

Low-Pressure Reinforcement

The reinforcement in the bead and lower sidewall area has two benefits as it not only reduces pinch punctures when running low pressures but also increases the stability of the casing to maintain steering precision when working in tandem with the bead to bead protection ply. While running at low pressures for optimum grip, improved bead tightening and seating technology eliminates air loss during hard cornering.

High-Density Puncture Protection

A high-density belt positioned under the tread area to reduce the chance of punctures caused by sharp objects or impacts.

In addition to the DH rubber compounds, the tread of the MICHELIN Wild Enduro range has been designed to optimise performance due to its dedicated front and rear patterns.

The front tyre features tall and rigid centre blocks to offer an excellent cornering grip on different terrain with zero-degree ridges added to enhance braking performance. On the shoulders, the offset lateral blocks offer progressive cornering characteristics while at the same time ensuring good mud clearance.

Also offering high grip levels, the rear tread pattern has been optimised for rolling efficiency and speed due to its lower centre blocks and more rigid offset shoulder block designs. The blocks also feature the same braking ridges as the front tire, but the focus is on reducing rolling resistance and efficiently converting pedal inputs to forward motion!

Proof of the capabilities of this tyre range has been shown by results at a world level with riders including two Elite World Enduro Series Championship titles with Sam Hill; one U21 World Enduro Series Championship title with Elliot Heap; and two Masters World Enduro Series Championship titles with Karim Amour.

The new tyres will be available in shops from April 2021 and can be clearly identified by their packaging featuring Racing Line graphics.



MICHELIN Wild Enduro Front Racing Line


29×2.40 (61-622)1380g
MICHELIN Wild Enduro Rear Racing Line


29×2.40 (61-622) 1380g

Michelin Wild Enduro Racing Line and other Michelin MTB Tyres are available from Silverfish here in the UK.

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