Muul May Day Kit Review

What is the Muul May Day Kit?

The previous Quickdraw Plug Kit and CO2 Mount Kit have been amalgamated to create the MUUL Mayday Kit. MUUL have designed what they describe as the ‘ultimate quick-draw solution’ through the use of silicone mounts with rare earth magnets integrated to enable the user to install a tubeless tire plus and re-inflate in less than 30 seconds aimed at those who don’t wish to carry a bag and wish to save as much time as possible on repairs to ensure maximum ride time.

The Mayday kit is designed to fit on your handlebars where the quickdraw mount holds the plug tool with the tire plug ready to go. This is held in place by a hefty N52 neodymium magnet to maximise security. The mount can also hold a spare chain quick-link.

The Rapid CO2 mount can be placed anywhere on your frame or handlebars and works with all-steel 16g, 20g, or 25g cartridges. The strong magnets can hold over 50lbs and the included gripper strap can double as a tool wrap to carry a spare inner, lever and multitool without compromising the access to your CO2 tire inflator or the security of your trailside repair essentials.


  • Quickdraw Magnetic Plug Mount w/ Quick Link Holder
  • Rapid CO2 Magnetic Mount
  • Plugger Tool w/ Valve Core Remover
  • 5 Large Plugs
  • 5 Small Plugs
  • Mounting Straps

The Review

I’m going to break the review down into the two separate products. The Quickdraw Magnetic Plug and the Rapid CO2 Mount.

Quickdraw Magnetic Plug Review

I will start with the Quickdraw Magnetic Plug. This tool allows you to mount a tyre plug tool directly onto your bars or frame with quick access to a tyre plug tool so that you plug that hole in the tyre super quick.

The mount is made from rubber with magnets that hold it to the frame. It also comes with a velcro strap to prevent it from falling off. The tyre plug tool itself resembles one of those small screwdrivers you often see in a Christmas cracker. It has a pronged end that you can fit the tyre plug into and then this is pushed into the mount and held in by friction.

The mount also has slots for some quick links (Not Included) which are held in place using the magnets in the mount. This is a nice idea and doesn’t take up any additional space.

I decided to mount this product to my frame and not my bars. I did this because I really didn’t want to add anything else to my bars, with all the cables, Garmin mount and stem another item feels too much. I noticed that the mount does stick to the bars and my steel frame. However, note that this wouldn’t work on an aluminium or carbon frame. I found that even with the magnets and velcro strap the tool still didn’t remain fixed in place and tended to rotate and slide around when riding on rough terrain.


The tool did stay fixed in the mount whilst riding during this test but I’m not convinced it is the most reliable and the last thing you want is to have lost the tool when you need to plug a puncture or to litter the trails with more plastic.

The tool only seems to allow you to carry one tyre plug at a time. There is nowhere to store the additional plugs that come with the kit so keep them somewhere safe and hope you don’t need more than one strip in any one ride.

Using the tool is easy enough. Just push the plug into the hole in the tyre using the tool and then remove the tool leaving the plug behind. There is no tool as part of this kit to trim the plug to the right length though and it’s not as easy to use as other products on the market such as the Stan’s Dart.

Rapid CO2 Magnetic Mount Review

The rapid CO2 mount is also a rubber mount with magnets embedded within. The magnets hold the CO2 canister in place but this does require you use a frame strap (supplied with the kit) to mount to the frame which makes me question the purpose of the magnets.

The mount comes with a long strap that allows you to fit an inner tube as well as a CO2 canister to your frame. The mount protects your frame from rubbing and scratching. One thing to note though is that the frame strap is too long to use if you don’t want to use an inner tube. You could cut the strap down but this would then mean it’s too short to use with an inner tube.

Muul May Day Kit Review Summary

In summary, the Muul May Day Kit has some innovative ideas that allow you to carry a tyre plug and CO2 canister on your bike without any need for a bag. I think these designs and particularly the tyre plug tool could do with some refinement. Looking at other products on the market we can see a trend of companies using “hidden” spaces on the bike to store tools such as bar ends, steerer tubes and even inside of the cranks. The Muul system seems to have taken a simpler approach by mounting the products on the outside such as on the frame or handlebar for me personally I like to keep my bike clutter-free so this is a negative.

The CO2 mount does hold a CO2 canister securely using the magnets alone but does still require a strap to mount it to your frame. A Frame Strap alone can do this job so I think this product is a little over-engineered for the task at hand.

The Muul May Day Kit is priced at £21.99 which doesn’t break the bank and is well priced when you consider buying a tyre plug and a frame strap would cost a similar amount.

3 / 5 Reviewer
Innovative design using magnets to hold a CO2 Canister and Tyre plug tool in place.
Tyre Plug Tool is hard to secure onto the bike and only allows you to carry one plug strip at a time. CO2 mount works nicely but doesn't offer anything more than a simple frame strap. Both products add frame and cockpit clutter.
Innovative products allowing you to ditch the bag and mount a CO2 Canister and Tyre Plug tool directly to your bike. Products could do with some refinement but are well priced
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