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Long-Term Cushcore Tyre Insert Review

In this long-term Cushcore Tyre Insert Review, we take a look at the tyre inserts from Cushcore, see whether they live up to Cushcore’s claims and if they do prevent you from damaging your rims and allow you to run your tyre pressures lower.

Cushcore is a mountain bike tyre insert that claims to offer multiple benefits but maybe most importantly it protects your rim in the event of a puncture.

It is a closed-cell foam ring that fits tightly between your tyre and wheel rim.

Cushcore Schematic

What Cushcore Claim

  1. CushCore transforms your tubeless tire into a suspension system with a tune-able air spring and foam damper.
  2. A proprietary closed-cell, polyolefin foam controls compression and rebound forces. Its lightweight, ultra-durable, and impervious to the sealant.
  3. CushCore’s patented profile applies constant pressure on the tire sidewalls. This provides protection and stability even at low tire pressures.
  4. CushCore is designed to fit tight on the rim. This radial tension locks the bead to the rim while maintaining a supple tread patch.
How Cushcore works
CushCore Tyre Insert Review

Cushcore Tyre Insert Review

I’ve been using Cushcore for over a year now. The first thing I noticed is that this product is insanely hard to fit. I probably spent an hour trying to fit it before resorting to reading the instructions which made it marginally easier. As it was a really cold day I decided to heat it up a bit with a hairdryer and this did make getting it onto the rim a bit easier. Next, you need to get the tyre on. I’d suggest not putting the tubeless sealant in until the tyre is fully on and put the sealant in through the valve as you will want to put the wheel down flat on a bin or old tyre to be able to use enough force to get the tyre bead on.


When you’ve finally gotten both of them on with tyres seated and sealant inserted you can go for a test ride.

I quickly noticed that the Cushcore does add some noticeable weight to the bike. However, once you’re rolling you don’t notice it but this is rotational weight.

Straight away I found that the tyre deformed less in the corners and I was comfortable letting more pressure out of my tyres for extra grip. The tyres feel more supportive in the corners and the extra grip from lower pressures also give you extra confidence.

I’ve only once had a puncture with Cushcore and it was during a race run. Thankfully the Cushcore allowed me to finish the run (Although not quickly) so I was able to carry on with the race without damaging my rim so already they are worth their high price tag as it’s cheaper than buying a new wheel or rim.

The Cushcore enables you to run lower tyre pressures making the bike have better grip and due to the extra weight and ability for the tyre to deform around objects it tracks much better. This means you can fly through things like rock gardens without issue or worrying about damaging your precious rims.

The Cushcore also works similar to a fork token meaning that the compression ramps up as the tyre compresses. This make for a more linear suspension feel yet the tyre won’t deform to the point where it will fold or be pulled off the bead. Gone are the days of burping tyres!

4 / 5 Reviewer
Protects rim when you have a flat, Lets you run lower tyre pressures
Insanely difficult to fit and remove, Expensive

Long-Term Cushcore Tyre Insert Review Summary

So in summary the Cushcore MTB tyre insert does protect your rims from damage when you get a puncture or flat tyre. The Cushcore allows you to run significantly lower tyre pressures which offer better traction and grip. The Cushcore also works in a similar way to a fork token when it ramps up the compression as the tyre compresses.

The negatives of the Cushcore are the high price tag, the additional weight which is added as rotational weight and the difficulty in fitting and removing the insert.

What do you think of the Cushcore Tyre Inserts? Have you tried using MTB Tyre Inserts on your bike and do you think it makes a positive improvement? Let us know in the comments below.

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