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Juice Lubes Dirt Juice Bike Wash  

If you’re a fan of cleaning your bike with special products from brands that dedicate hours into finding the best cleaning product for you then the Juice Lubes Dirt Juice bike wash is for you! If your one of those riders that like to penny pinch and save the extra money for an after ride beer or two using products front under your sink then this could also possibly be for you. Juice Lubes Dirt Juice bike wash is an affordable way to give your bike the treatment it deserves without having to break the bank. 

Juice Lubes Dirt Juice bike wash comes in at £7.99 for a 1-litre bottle and when you have run out you can buy the Dirt Juice Super Concentrate version to reuse your bottle for £11.99 and what’s even better is it doubles up as a degreaser. This eliminates the need for extra bottles and thus more plastic to be thrown away leaving to a healthier environment and I mean who doesn’t like the sound of that?


  • Fast and effective bike cleaner.
  • Trigger spray for easy application.
  • Bottle can be refilled using Dirt Juice Super in diluted state.
  • Soft and gentle on paintwork.
  • Premium quality foaming agent.
  • Designed to soak and saturate soiled areas to help lift dirt away from the bike.
  • Formulated specifically to offer maximum wetting – will dwell for around 5 mins as foam.
  • Designed as a functional material rather than a superficial high foam product. Ultra-stable foaming properties for maximum effect.
  • Bike Cleaner will reduce the possibility of damage to paintwork by presenting the user with a dirt free, clear paint surface, ready for subsequent detailing if desired.
  • Suitable for use on painted surfaces, metal, plastic, carbon fibre, rubber, anodised surfaces and matt finishes.
  • Biodegradable liquid.
  • Coconut fragrance.
  • Suitable for use on the entire bike.
  • Light degreasing properties.
  • Disk and brake pad friendly formula.
  • Will not harm seals.

Juice Lubes Dirt Juice Bike Wash Review 

Now in this review, we are in the height of summer and therefor the muddy trails are a bit hard to find but trust me on this as I have used this bike cleaner for a while now and even with the thickest of mud it worked fantastically. 

The best way to clean your bike with this product is to spray your bike down with a hose and get everything super damp. Once drenched its now time to apply Juice Lubes Dirt Juice bike wash, the application is now made even easier with the foaming trigger. Make sure to apply extra to the areas where your bike is super thick in mud, I would also recommend applying some to your drivetrain as it has degreasing properties in the formula. Once applied leave to soak for a couple of minutes (grab a cuppa).  

Now that the Dirt Juice has soaked in a bit its time to rinse your bike down. If you have any stubborn areas left then just apply the brush to them and they’ll quickly dissipate. 

I have been using this product for a while now and has been my go to for some time. It works well and doesn’t break the bank either. Plus its really good for the environment and can be used on the entire bike without risk of damaging anything or contaminating brakes. Now that the Dirt Juice comes with a foaming trigger it just gets better. It will continue to be a permanent fixture to my cleaning kit that’s for sure. 

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5 / 5 Reviewer
Easy to use, New foaming trigger is great, Environmentally friendly, Works as a chain degreaser too, Great Price, Refillable bottles available to buy to cut down on wastage.
In Summary Juice Lubes Dirt Juice is a great product for the money. It works as two products for the price of one as it doubles up as a chain degreaser too. The foaming trigger works great to increase coverage.

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