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Nukeproof Horizon V2 Wheels

Nukeproof released there new Horizon V2 wheels back in June (click here to check out the press release) but because of COVID they haven’t managed to get together any pics or edit. Well, hot off the press here it is. Enjoy!

“To be honest I’m not sure how long ago we launched our new Horizon V2 wheels, all the days have blurred into one since March. But in recent weeks we’ve slowly emerge from a summer of hibernation, the hills of Wales have been reopened to riders. Our destination of choice was One Giant Leap, where we had heard rumours Farmer Martin and his team had been busy building a new downhill track on the hallowed hillsides of Llangollen (Some mighty fine corner- worth a trip for sure!). The test Guinee pigs for the day were Ant Hale and Lil’ Robbo to push the wheels to try push the wheels to their limit. (no wheels were harmed in the making of this edit- or incredibly since!)”

If you missed the press release on the wheels the basics premises is this: The Nukeproof Horizon V2 is a fresh start, starting from a clean sheet of paper and are designed and developed by our Northern Irish based team. With over 2 years of development and extensive testing by athletes, staff and locals to ensure they were tough enough for even the hardiest of huckers and could cope with all the conditions us Northern Irish riders experience (98% mud and rain 2% glorious sunshine and dry trails). They now feature high performance Enduro ABEC 5 bearings. Featuring “LLU/LLB” seal type each bearing has 2 lips which make light contact in a groove to create a labyrinth where the water or dirt has a more difficult time to penetrate, this combined with Enduro bearings 80% grease fill on both sides to ensure long lasting performance and quality. This gives complete coverage so there are no dry areas and avoids metal on metal contact /wear. The Horizon V2 hub features rapid engagement to allow riders to lay the power down fast with the hubs 102 points of engagement (every 3.52 degrees).

The rims are developed to meet the demands of Enduro & Downhill. The Horizon V2 rim uses dynamically aged magnesium-silicon enriched alloy blend to give the stiffness and hardness to 7-series alloy, but the ductility and yield properties of a 6-series.


What do you think of Nukeproof’s new V2 wheelset? Will you be buying some? Let us know below

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