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The Helmetor Hub V2

The Helmetor Hub version 2 is the latest product from Helmetor. Helmetor create products to help your organise and store your cycling kit easily and neatly. I’ve been using the original Wall-mounted helmet holders in my van for a few years now as they securely hold my helmets in place and prevent them from being damaged. They are also extremely easy to use as long as your helmet has vents.

So I was really pleased when Tim said he would send through the Hub V2 for me to test. This new product expands on what the wall mount can do by adding gloves, shoes, coats, bags as well as a helmet into the mix with multiple holders and mounts all in one product.

The Hub V2 is made from laser-cut 2mm galvanised steel, is available in 6 colours and is priced at £39.99

Helmetor Hub V2 Review

The product is very easy to assemble using the supplied screws and wall plugs. You will require a drill and some basic knowledge of mounting objects to walls but this can easily be achieved with a simple google search.

Once assembles it is quite obvious where each item should go but there is an image in the instructions if you get confused. I had no problems fitting any of my shoes, gloves coats and bags to the hooks and the spacers allow air to circulate around them which I would imagine helps them dry out quicker after a soggy ride.

I did have a small amount of issue with my new Troy Lee helmet. The position and the size of the vents meant I had to mount the helmet at an angle as you can see in the pictures. However, other than some symmetry aesthetical issues the helmet mount performs perfectly well and the helmet is safely and securely held in place.

The overall look of the Hub V2 is quite bold and may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I’m not sure I would want it mounted on the walls of my house but as it”s intended for storing potentially muddy kit you would likely mount it in your shed or other outbuildings.

The product is reasonably priced and comes with all the hardware required to mount it. It’s also nice to know that all your kit is stored in one place so you don’t easily forget your gloves.


So, in summary, this is a great product allowing you to easily store all your MTB kit in one place. It is offset from the wall allowing air to circulate and dry potentially wet items.

Priced at £39.99 this is a cost-effective solution and it’s available in multiple colours.

The Helmet Mount is the best bit about the product though and can be bought separately.

The overall look of the product is quite bold and may not be everyone’s cup of tea but mounted on the back of a door or down the shed makes for a great way to keep your kit together in one place.

What do you think of the Helmetor Hub? Would you buy one? Have you seen any other kit storage and organising solutions?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or start a thread in our MTB Forums.

4 / 5 Reviewer
Easily store all your kit in one place, Spacers allow for the kit to be held away from the wall and air to circulate
A strong look that not everyone will want to be mounted on their wall at home. Helmet mount not compatible with all helmets (depends on size and shape of air vents)
A nice solution for storing your cycling equipment in one place. Easy to use but may not be compatible with all helmets and its bold look may not be everyone's cup of tea.
Will Brett-Atkin

Will Brett-Atkin

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