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The Granite Scope Mount

In this review, we take a look at the Granite Scope Mount from Granite Design. The Scope converts your SWAT Conceal and Carry tool from Specialized to add a quick-release mount for your onboard computer. In our case, this will be the Garmin Edge 530. However, it is compatible with Garmin, Wahoo, and Bryton GPS devices.

An important thing to note about the Granite Scope Mount is that you must have a Specialized SWAT Conceal and Carry Tool which is not sold or supplied by Granite and must be bought from Specialized or one of their dealers directly.

Granite Scope Mount Garmin Wahoo Bryton

About the Scope Mount

The Granite Scope is priced at £18.90 in the UK and $20.99 in the USA.

The scope replaces the standard top cap from the Specialized SWAT Conceal and Carry tool with an integrated computer mount. The Scope comes with three adapters making it compatible with Garmin, Wahoo and Bryton devices.


  • Device mount for SWAT Conceal Carry tool systems
  • Replaces SWAT top cap
  • 35mm outside diameter / 10mm thick
  • Weighs 15g
Granite Scope Mount Garmin Review

Granite Scope Mount Review

In this review, I fit and test the Granite Scope Mount with my Garmin GPS device, the Edge 530. How easy is it to fit the Scope Mount? Does it improve the SWAT Conceal and Carry tool? Are there any considerations when fitting the Scope? And finally, what’s it like riding with a GPS Device mounted directly over your stem?

Fitting the Scope Mount

Fitting the Scope Mount is a breeze with the very clear and really well-illustrated instructions provided with each mount from Granite Design. There is a step-by-step guide showing you exactly how to correctly install the product.

The Scope Mount comes with three adapters for the different GPS/Computer device types, some bolts for fitting the adapter, and even comes with two spare ball bearings in case you lose the original ball bearings during installation. This is a nice addition as these balls are really easy to lose as the cap is the only thing holding them in place so swapping the cap will cause the balls to come loose. Take your time and be careful when installing the Scope Mount. It’s very easy to do.

One issue I had when installing the Scope Mount was nothing to do with the Granite product but with the SWAT conceal and carry tool itself. When I received it from Specialized it was missing the grub screw that prevents the main bolt from coming loose when twisting the cap. To get around this I had to use some very strong Loctite which isn’t ideal and really I should have returned the SWAT Conceal and Carry tool.

Does the Scope Mount improve the SWAT Conceal and Carry?

If you use a Garmin device or other cycling computer then yes I would certainly say this improves the SWAT Conceal and Carry tool. The tool was designed to allow you to carry additional tools without cluttering your bike and Specialized have done a great job of this. However, the guys at Granite noticed an additional use for this tool and have made it even more versatile with little effort and only a small fee.

I would also argue that the location of the GPS/Computer is perfectly positioned over the stem. It no longer clutters your bars and is in a great position to view and interact with when riding without obscuring anything else.

Granite Scope Mount Review

Considerations and Issues

I’m really happy with this product and the positives certainly outweigh the negatives. However, here are a few issues I notice with the Scope Mount.

If you are someone that likes to turn your bike upside down to fit and remove wheels or other maintenance then you need to remove your GPS/computer device first else you will risk damaging both the device and potentially the Scope Mount.

The Scope Mount has a small pronounced area which makes it easier to rotate and access the SWAT tool. I noticed this tab would clash with the stem in some circumstances meaning you can’t fully open the SWAT tool. To get around this I swapped some spacers in my stack to allow the Scope Mount to clear the stem. Changing the stack height isn’t an ideal solution though as this changes the position of the bars on your bike. It’s important to note that this issue isn’t the case with all Stems and this is also an issue with the SWAT tool itself minus the Scope Mount.

Riding with and using the GPS Device with the Scope Mount

I personally like the position of the GPS/Computer when mounted to the Scope Mount. It removes clutter from my bars. It’s nice and solid, unlike the rubber band mounts you get with most GPS units. It’s centred on your bike and is far enough forwards that you can just glance down to see the device with little effort.

Granite Scope Mount Specialized SWAT Conceal and Carry
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4 / 5 Reviewer
  • Easy to fit with great instructions
  • Adds more functionality to SWAT Conceal and Carry tool
  • Well made
  • Compatible with most major GPS and Cycling Computers
  • Cons
  • Scope mount may require a stack adjustment on some stems to prevent fowling
  • Summary
    A really well-made and thought out product that extends the functionality of the Specialized Swat Conceal and Carry tool.

    Granite Scope Mount Overview Video

    So what do you think of the Granite Scope Mount Review and the product itself? Do you have a Specialized SWAT Conceal and Carry Tool? Would you modify yours with the Scope Mount to be able to use a GPS/Computer device as well.

    Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below or join the conversation in our reader’s forums.

    You can learn more and purchase the Scope here:

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