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Granite Design Stash RCX Multi-Tool

Bid farewell to overstuffed jersey pockets, say ‘adios!’ to losing tools in the depths of your frame bag. Granite Designs just put everything you need right at your fingertips with the new Granite Designs STASH RCX TOOL SYSTEM, designed specifically for road and gravel bikes. 

Stash hides a tiny but mighty multi-tool neatly in the steerer tube of your drop-bar bike, accessible from the top cap of your stem. It can be grabbed, used and returned in seconds without interrupting the flow of your ride. 

The STASH system hides a lightweight and super useful multi-tool, valve core remover and spoke key inside your steerer tube. With 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm hex keys, a T25, a flathead screwdriver, 4 spoke key options and a valve core remover you should have everything you need to perform all of your road or trail side repairs. 

At just 110g for the complete system, the Granite RCX is super lightweight and won’t do anything to hold you back or interrupt the clean lines of your ride. 

The RCX can be fitted quickly and easily without specialist tools or any tapping of your steerer tube. Simply remove the star-nut from your fork and replace it with the RCX’s innovative compression plug using a 5mm hex key. Once installed, the plug provides a simple and secure mounting point for the RCX tool. When you need the tool, you can grab it in seconds without fumbling in pockets or rummaging in bags. 

The STASH RCX and all of Granite’s products are available worldwide. 

You can buy online or find your nearest dealer at

Stash RCX System key features:

  •  8-piece Multi-tool: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, T25, Flathead.
  • Spoke key: 0, 1, 2, 3 with valve core removing function.
  • System weight (incl. multi-tool): 110g.
  • Multi-Tool weight: 57g.
  • Available in black and orange.
  • Precision engineered from high quality AL7075.
  • Fits forks with an internal diameter of 23.5mm – 27mm.
  • MSRP: US$54.99 

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