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Granite Designs Stash Multi-Tool Review

The Granite Stash is an MTB multi-tool that is stored inside your fork steerer tube for convenience and is great for trailside emergencies.

Have you ever gone out on a “quick ride” had a mechanical and not had tools on your persons? Yeah? Me too. One way of ensuring you have an mtb tool with you at all times is to stash one inside your bike. The Granite Designs Stash Multi-tool could very well be the solution to your problem.

A few manufacturers have been trying to achieve this but have struggled to compete against the OneUp EDC tool. Granite has created the stash tool, there own take on tool storage within your bike. Like OneUps tool the stash fits inside your steerer but without having the need to thread your steerer or buy a OneUp stem which ultimately costs a lot more!. 

Granite’s Stash comes in at £49.95 which is staggeringly good value compared to others on the market. Granite Designs stash has got around the need for threading your steerer or buying a new stem by making a system that not only holds your tool but also replaces the star nut in your steerer to add pre-load to the headset bearings. This does, however, mean if you install this on a set of forks with a star nut you’ll have to remove it. 

When you purchase your stash multi-tool the kit is made up of a tool carrier and the tool. The carrier is a CNC machined alloy insert that sits in the top of your steerer. The carrier then fastens to a plug that inserts to the bottom end of your steerer. Two extra bolts are supplied to suit the length of your steerer on your bike. The system comes with a lower plug to suit either straight or tapered steerers. Keeping the system together and adding pre-load to your headset is a long bolt which as mentioned above you have different size bolts supplied to cater for your steerer length


Installation is simple and is just as easy as tightening your headset. Once your star nut is removed or in the new case of a new fork, you don’t have one slide the tool carrier half into the top side of your steerer and place the bolt through. Once placed you can now place the plug into the bottom of your steerer and start to tighten the unit together. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN! As with preloading your headset with a star nut, you are replacing that with the tool so treat this system as the same as if you were tightening the headset with the star nut. 

Once installed the STASH multi-tool can be pressed in the top of the carrier. The tool is held in place by an O ring, this also helps keeps moisture and debris from entering inside the unit. A plastic top cap makes removing and pressing the tool back in easy to manage even in winter when you can’t feel your fingers.

The multi-tool features 8 tools to keep you riding on the trails. The foldout design has a 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm Allen keys, a T25 Torx and a flathead screwdriver. There is also a built-in spoke key and valve removal tool should you need it. For you weight worriers the complete assembly weighs in at 135g and multi-tool on its own is a very light 57g. 

First Impressions

Now I’ve fitted the Stash multi-tool to my bike I can go out with peace of mind knowing that I don’t have to lumber a bag with me for the local rides and not have to worry about fixing a mechanical on the trail. For the longer rides if you wanted to keep the weight down on your back and have absolutely everything Granite designs also have a handy Tyre plug system and Chain tool (keep an eye out for these on the site) that fit inside your bar ends. 

The Stash’s neat system means that it is perfect for every bike from your freeriders down to your XC riders. The tool even when the going gets rough does not come looses and because of the lovely tight fit does rattle about. I gave it a good pasting at Rogate Bikepark and couldn’t get it to come loose from its housing inside the fork steerer. 

One thing I did notice was that the ergonomics of the spoke tool isn’t the best due to its small thin nature so it can fit within the tight package. When tightening spokes I found it dug into my hand but this is a very minor problem as its a tool for quick trailside repairs, not lengthy maintenance and you can overcome this by just wearing your gloves.


In summary, this is a very good little tool for the price. The quality and design of it all are great too and the tools included are very thought out and cater for most bolts found on your bike. 

For £49.95 the Granite Designs Stash multi-tool is definitely one to consider for your riding kit. 

Granite Designs is distributed by Windwave in the UK so most if not all bike shops should be able to get this ordered in for you.  

Could this be the best hidden multi-tool on the market? let us know in the comments below

4.5 / 5 Reviewer
Price, Weight, Easy to fit, Has everything you need on it to get the job done.


  • Patrick Matias says:

    It’ll be hard to go up against the well established One Up EDC. It has price on its side but doesn’t have as many tools as a standard multi-tool.

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