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Funn Soljam Goggles 

Funn Components has been around 23 years now. Established in 1997 Funn have been supplying top quality but affordable components to mountain bikers around the world. They sell everything you need from Pedals, Cranks, Handlebars, Stems and much more. 

Funn recently released the Soljam Goggle and we managed to get our hands on a set to be able to let you know what we think of them.

First Impressions 

First impressions of Funn’s Soljam goggles are great. They come nicely packaged and with plenty of accessories. The Soljams cost £69.99 so are not the cheapest but they also don’t look cheap either. They are very well made and also look fantastic, they come in orange, blue or black. The ones we have for review here are the Orange option.


  • Award-winning anti-fog, cylindrical lens
  • Multi-layer foam for complete comfort
  • Secure silicone strap
  • Tear-off compatible
  • Supplied with cloth bag, transparent lens, tinted lens and 5 x tear-offs
  • Spares available
  • Orange / Blue / Black

Funn Soljam Review 

I’ve had the goggles for a while now and have put them to the test through different weather conditions. Firstly Couple with my full face helmet they are very comfortable and do not crush your nose. I’ve had goggles before that apply pressure to your nose and thus rub and can after a while become quite saw but this was not evident with the Soljams, the nose guard also plays a part in protecting your nose too. The lens was also great the orange tint really brightened up the trails in front of me but also on the wettest and muggiest of days this summer have not fogged up at all which is great, especially here in the UK. 

Funn’s Soljams comes with a Soft storage bag but you also get a transparent lens for those dark days and you also get supplied with 5 tear off covers. If you should have the need for any spares Funn also have these available for you to purchase. The strap has silicon strips applied so that you can be sure your strap will not slip down your helmet on the wettest of days too. The only downside to the Soljams is I think they’re a tad pricey but I will say that the product you get for that is very good.


So, in summary, the Soljams are very comfortable, look great and do not fog up. The extras that you get with your purchase also make this possibly one of the best Goggles on the market today.

4.5 / 5 Reviewer
Great build quality Comes with Tear offs, soft storage bag and transparent lens look fantastic
A little too pricey
A pair of goggles that look fantastic, great build quality and come with all the goodies to get you going through all weathers.

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