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#Dancontent Sundays, Kamloops Bike Ranch

This weeks #Dancontent video is from Kamloops Bike Ranch. Since Dan Locks has moved to Canada he has been lucky to ride places some people would dream of getting over too. This is his view of his of some of the runs at the Bike Ranch.

Here is what Dan had to say.

“Kamloops Bike Ranch, what can I say? A breeding ground for insane talent as I saw tiny kids on 20inch wheeled mountain bikes just boosting huge black line jumps. I don’t think there was a kid there that couldn’t do them. It’s a playground for progression and one of the reasons I was there. My jumping is pretty mediocre, I have no style and it certainly needs work. So I spent four days there just lapping up the jumps, progressing my skills and also the size of the jumps. Even got some cheeky style in there too! Hope you enjoy it and would highly recommend a trip there!”

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