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Commencal Meta AM 29 2021

Commencal has just dropped the latest update to the already EWS race-proven bike with the new Commencal Meta AM 29 2021. Cecile Ravanel has shown just what this bike can do and with more input from all the riders that Commencal have onboard this new version is likely to be an absolute rocket ship. Let’s dive in and see what’s changed.

New META AM 29: Much more than just a facelift!

Commencal says that “the switch to a 29-inch wheeled META from 2019 onwards has enabled a significant improvement in performance.”

“For 2021, we’re taking advantage of the experience and knowledge of our EWS riders and numerous tests, to make it even more effective against the clock!”


“With faster-than-ever speed to deal with, we decided to alter the geometry.
Lengthened for stability, equipped with a 40mm stem, a short fork offset (42/44mm) and a slacker head angle.”

“This means handling is not impeded and the bike feels like it has a good sense of direction. The seat angle is straightened and the offset is reduced for optimised uphill positioning regardless of whether in the saddle or on the pedals.”

“The new META AM 29 will, therefore, delight riders eager for performance and those who like to give it all regardless of the difficulty of the trail before them!”

1 – Seat Tube Length380 mm420 mm440 mm460 mm
2 – Seat Tube Angle78,5°78,5°78,5°78,5°
3 – Head Tube Angle63,6°63,6°63,6°63,6°
4 – Head Tube Length115 mm120 mm125 mm130 mm
5 – Wheel Base1231 mm1258 mm1285 mm1312 mm
6 – Top Tube Length573 mm600 mm626 mm652 mm
7 – Chainstay Length433 mm433 mm433 mm433 mm
8- BB Height-21 mm-21 mm-21 mm-21 mm
9 – Fork Length586 mm586 mm586 mm586 mm
10 – Reach445 mm470 mm495 mm520 mm


Commencal says that “The kinematics have been redesigned to enable a bike that is both more dynamic and more comfortable during suspension travel. This results in less rider-leg fatigue and essentially the ability to ride the bike optimally towards the end of long race stages. Thanks to 170mm travel on the front and 160mm on the back, this META AM is an enduro platform designed above all, to go fast for extended periods of time.”

They added that “The stiffness of the frame is always the subject of much attention. The use of double-row Enduro Bearings allows a more homogeneous deformation of the frame without the loss of stiffness via the bearings.”

“Aesthetically, the frame has evolved in depth. It’s very simple, everything is new! Notably, the sharper lines highlight improved performance.”

Head to Commencals Website to check out the new Meta AM 29 and all the models available.

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