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Buddha Fruit Sugar-Free Protein Powder Review

In this Buddha Fruit Sugar-Free Protein Powder review, we take a look at the all-natural whey sugar-free powder from Buddha Fruit. We find out how it tastes and if there are any benefits from using protein supplements in your diet and training plan.

Buddha Fruit that is a relatively new company recently supplied us with some of their all-natural whey protein powder which also happens to be sugar-free. It is sweetened using Monk Fruit extract which is the primary ingredient in the companies product line.

The Buddha Fruit company was started when the founder was studying Sports Bio-Medicine & Nutrition at University. She became fascinated with sugar’s impact on our bodies and overall health – particularly the impact of excess sugar and the importance of protein in our diet when it comes to muscular recovery post exercise.

Diet is just as important as exercise so finding reliable, healthy sports nutrition is becoming more important especially as more and more mountain bikers are training harder for the sport. Maybe you’ve been training with Becci Skelton? Or just taking your Mountain bike Fitness and Training more seriously.

Buddha Fruit Protein Powder Review

So if you’ve ever tried protein powder before, I’m sure you will have run into a couple of issues. The first being that they are hard to mix and you end up drinking a watery liquid full of lumps and the second issue being that it can make you bloated and give you an upset stomach. Well, this is not the case with Buddha Fruits products.

The powder mixes really easily as it’s quite fine. I tried mixing it using both the shaker provided by Buddha Fruit and my current shaker and it mixed really easily using either.

The other thing is I didn’t get the stomach bloated I have from some other brands. No idea what the science is about here but I’m sure someone at Buddha Fruit does and can help you.

The next thing you will notice is that it tastes quite nice. They have sweetened it using their monk fruit extract and then flavoured with vanilla. Because it’s vanilla flavoured and not some crazy flavour it can be mixed with fruit to make smoothies or you can follow some of the free recipes over on the Buddha Fruit site and make some baked goods.

Flourless Protein Pancakes Recipe

Speaking of their recipes we decided to follow one of the recipes available on the Buddha Fruit website and have a go at making their Flourless Protein Pancakes.

The recipe is super simple to follow with only 3 steps and a handful of ingredients. It’s quick to cook up so you can have a healthy sugar-free protein pancakes and still be able to fit it into your busy schedule. You’re not forced to have a shake everyday.

You can checkout their recipe here


If your health conscious, looking to cut down your sugar intake but still get a healthy dose of protein to aid in muscle recovery during training then this is the product for you.

The company behind the product clearly cares about what they make and have gone the extra mile to provide free recipes so you’re not limited to only drinking a protein shake.

The natural whey powder tastes good and mixes well so it’s definitely up there with the best protein powders I’ve tried. I would recommend it and as a bonus you’d be supporting a small British company.

Check out some of their other products and recipes over at their site.

Let us know what you think of their products and sports nutrition in general below in the comments.

Visit Buddha Fruit
4 / 5 Reviewer
Sugar-Free, Mixes Easily, Plenty of Recipes available
Only available in one flavour, No Lactose-Free Alternative

So what do you think of the Buddha Fruit Sugar-Free Protein Powder? Did this review help you decide to purchase some? What’re your favourite sugar-free and protein products? Let us know in the comments below.

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