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Bark + Ride Lewis Adventure Harness Review

In this review, we are going to take a close look at the Lewis Adventure Harness from Bark + Ride. We have been testing this product hard over the last few months. Read on to find out how the harness held up when tested by my very own trail dog Oliver who really didn’t go easy on it.

The Bark + Ride Lewis Adventure Harness is a durable dog harness with multiple attachment points for multiple leashes and also features a grab handle to keep your trail pooch under control whilst out on the trails or for everyday life.

Note that in the photos Ollie is also wearing a blue fleece top. This is not part of the harness but helps that harness stand out from his black coat in the photographs.

About the Dog Harness

The Lewis Adventure harness was designed by Bark + Ride founder Kaz (read our interview with her here) in collaboration with their 8-year-old English Springer Spaniel Lewis. Lewis was Kaz’s first trail dog who loved nothing more than to stay on her back wheel whilst chasing her down the trail.

The harness gives dogs the freedom to move around freely. It offers additional safety in the form of padded protection around the sternum, protecting them from stones and twigs but is still comfortable for dogs to wear over long periods of time.

The harness wasn’t just designed with trail running in mind. It’s also great for daily walks and adventures of all sizes. We use this harness with our dog Ollie every day.

Bark + Ride understand that with an adventurous lifestyle comes lots of travelling and that means lots of driving in cars and/or vans. Safety is really important when owning a dog and strapping your pooch in whilst driving is a must. So Bark + Ride have added a seat belt clip onto the harness to make this easier. This strap point can also be used for leads but doesn’t get in the way if you decide not to use it.

The harness features a soft, breathable inner that is wicking for easy drying whilst also being durable, flexible but also perhaps most importantly comfortable. This harness has been designed to be tested in adventurous environments, and not restrict your pup from pushing the limits.

This is a must-have product for all trail dog owners. We are so impressed with the Lewis Adventure harness from Bark + Ride that we use it multiple times every day for all our trail rides and other adventures.

The harness is made from 100% Polyester Fabric. It features multi attachment points for leashes (check out our 2 in 1 bungee leash designed to clip on easily to the attachment point). A smaller, durable D ring is provided for lights or small GPS Trackers to be attached.

There is also a small webbing pocket at the front of the harness for additional ID info or ID Tags

Great style for everyday wear.

Available in 4 sizes. Small, Medium & Large and X-Large.

Small – Suitable for Smaller cocker spaniels / Border Terriers / Jack Russell

Medium – Suitable for Springer Spaniels / Staffordshire Bull Terriers / Poodles / Collies / Shiba Inu / Portuguese Water Dogs / Airedale Terriers /Chow Chow

Large – Suitable for Labrador Retriever / Vizsla /Weimaraner / German Shorthaired/Wirehaired Pointers / Doberman Pinschers /Rhodesian Ridgebacks / Dalmations / Irish Setters

X-Large – Suitable for German Shepherd / Golden Retriever /Labradoodles/ Bernese Mountain Dogs


My partner and I have been testing the Bark + Ride Lewis Adventure harness with our trail dog Oliver for the last few months now. The harness has been thoroughly used and abused in all sorts of weather throughout multiple seasons and Ollie has not looked after it at all but it has taken the abuse like a champ.

The harness is well thought out with multiple harness points. It is easy to adjust the straps to fit your dog snuggly and due to the shape and fabrics, it is comfortable to wear even for multiple hours at a time.

We use this dog harness with our dog multiple times a day every day and once this review is wrapped up, we will continue to do so. It’s brilliant! It’s as if Bark + Ride have thought of everything when designing this harness. There is a big handle so you can grab onto your pooch easily, easy to use multiple lead lashing point and there is extra protection where your pup needs it.

Like mentioned above this harness has really been used and abused and apart from some dirt and a lot of dog hair it’s as good as new! If you’ve ever met my dog then you will know how impressive that is.

Bark + Ride products aren’t just accessories but products that are really useful and actually improve the experience of training and riding with a trail dog. They also look great too!

It is for all these reasons that I am giving this product a perfect 5/5. I will continue using this harness as long as it lasts and would fully recommend it to anyone looking for a harness for their dog.

What do you think of the Lewis Adventure Harness from Bark + Ride. Would you try this harness with your trail dog? If you’ve tried other harnesses let us know in the comments section below.

5 / 5 Reviewer
Durable, Multiple Attachment points, Easy to grab Handle, Reflective sections, Comfortable
This is a must-have product for all trail dog owners. We are so impressed with the Lewis Adventure harness from Bark + Ride that we use it multiple times every day for all our trail rides and other adventures. We would 100% recommend this product!
Will Brett-Atkin

Will Brett-Atkin

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