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Are Modern Day Trail Bikes As Fast As Downhill Bikes?

Are modern day trail bikes as fast as downhill bikes? Well, are they? we know how capable trail bikes have become these days but how do they compare to downhill bikes on a world cup course?. Lewis Buchanan has been at Fort William ramping up preparations for when the EWS Starts again. Aboard his very capable high pivot machine a Forbidden Druid, he is in search of the ultimate set up. He mixes it up between the mullet set up and 29 front and back and sets off doing full timed runs of the Fort Bill World cup course. Lewis is a fast rider and this is put across through the onboard camera.

He comes across Danny Hart on his downhill bike and decides to see if he can keep up on his 150/130mm travel Forbidden Druid trail bike. Take a look to see how he does, the result is surprising.

Pretty excited for this video and to show you guys just what this bike is capable of doing. I went against the clock for some timed runs on both wheel sizes and even hopped in behind Danny Hart for a timed run. How did it go? Danny did a 4:40 on his timed run from what I remember. Well watch the full video and find out what times I did and could this 130/150mm trail bike qualify for the Fort William World Cup? Of course it’s not 100% accurate but it’s a close enough idea and it’s pretty interesting. Make sure you give the video a like and comment below giving me your thoughts and what you would like to see in the future. Make sure you are subscribed also if you have not already. Cheers!!!”

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