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Always Fiending

Fiend BMX has just dropped what I can only describe as the best BMX video I have seen for years. Always Fiending. What street riders now perform on those 20inch wheel bicycles is something just short of mind-blowing. Take a look below and prepare for your jaw to ache after thirteen minutes of “what the” moments

Featured Riders

Colin Varanyak (@colinlikewhat)

Garrett Reynolds (@reynoldsfiend)

with appearances by Lewis Mills (@lewismillss) Ty Morrow (@tymoe) JJ Palmere (@jjpalmere) Antonio Chavez (@antonio1chavez) Matt Closson (@mattclosson) Mati Lasgoity (@mlridebmx) Augie Simoncini (@augiesimoncini) & Johnny Raekes (@johnnyraekesjr)


Let us know in the comments below what you thought of this crazy edit.

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