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A Day in the Shoes of Dan Atherton with Ride Concepts

Dig, Ride, Repeat in the Refreshed mid-cut TNT

A Day in the Shoes of Dan Atherton. From racing BMX as a lad to standing on the top step at a World Cup, Dan Atherton has dedicated his career to the progression of mountain biking.

Many of his days start in the shop, hand-prepping materials for the park in the early mornings.

Dan Atherton Ride Concepts 02

But before long– and weather permitting– Dan’s back to the park, sculpting berms and jumps with the machine, culminating the day with testing his handiwork and reaping the rewards on the Atherton Racing DH rig. It’s a labour of love and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

As a builder, sculptor and rider, Dan’s daily choice of footwear is the mid-cut, protective TNT.

Dan Atherton Ride Concepts 03

I feel so privileged to have found riding and particularly mountain biking, when we were so young. I’ve always felt like it was right. It was always exactly what I wanted to do.

Dan Atherton

Pedal feel and contact has been increased on the TNT via a new outsole, using the proprietary soft and GRIPpy Rubber Kinetics | DST 4.0 MAX GRIP rubber, crucial for the wet and technical terrain of Dyfi. The 12mm hexagon pattern outsole also features a recessed area on the toe and heel for traction while digging and hiking, which builders everywhere will appreciate.

Dan Atherton Ride Concepts 04

It’s so motivating to feel like that. I feel so, so, so lucky to have found it.

Dan Atherton
Dan Atherton Ride Concepts 05

A new microfiber synthetic upper is more durable with increased weather resistance, and an anti-bacterial mesh lining to control odour. The 40mm hook and loop Powerstrap offers additional security and retention.

The custom moulded toe and heel are robust, providing essential protection for digging trails, hiking segments and blasting down the mountain to test your handiwork like Dan.

Dan Atherton Ride Concepts 06

The asymmetrical medial collar features D3O impact-absorbing material for added ankle protection. Additional high-rise EVA on the medial side provides shock absorption and comfort when big hits are the agenda of the day.

Dan Atherton Ride Concepts 07

Finally, the High Impact Zone Technology insole uses D3O’s impact-absorbing material under the ball of the foot and heel to soak up the trail chatter, transferring less energy to your feet.

Dan Atherton Ride Concepts 08

It’s been my life and it’s been OUR lives. To have that direction and that passion is such an amazing thing to find in life.

Dan Atherton
Dan Atherton Ride Concepts 09

TNT Pricing

$160 MSRP US | $240 MSRP CAD

€160 SRP Europe | £140 RRP UK

Ride Concepts is a rider-owned bike footwear company based in Reno, NV. For more information, visit

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